2 Cups of Coffee (and an ice-cream too)

It’s been a while since I posted my coffee and ice-cream review lists. So long in fact that it’s time for an update on that war front, so let’s dive in:
1. Vida E Cafe: I finally did it. I finally dragged my ass (and my wallet) here and I loved it. Why didn’t I get here sooner?!? As always, I played it safe and ordered a caffe latte (I often find that ,if nothing else, cafes usually make a decent latte) and it was divine. And while they have more limited selection compared to places like Second Cup, they are, nevertheless, worth it. The complementary piece of dark chocolate is just the cherry on top.
2. Ci gusta: This was actually suggested to us in a comment in my ice-cream review list. Truth is, I was here years ago (had the waffles, don’t remember much past that). However more recently, I came back here with company. My latte passed the test however it seemed the beans for my companions Americanos had been over-roasted causing a somewhat bitter taste. I was told by one of my companions that this was unusual as she came here often and had never had any issue. Interestingly enough the Americanos were served with a mini-scoop of ice-cream on a mini-cone. But the true highlight of our visit was the ice-cream. My companions ordered the berry ice-cream, I tried a bit and it was quite simply; a delight. I ordered the rum raisin ice-cream, also an excellent choice that is just this side of boozy.
Well that’s all we have for now. Don’t forget to leave a suggestion of where you’d like me or NJ to go next. 
Till next time,
Cosmos out.

A Scoop or Two

So we’ve talked about coffee but you know what I think goes perfectly with coffee? Ice-cream!!! Whether you enjoy it with a hot cup of goodness or on its own, this treat is always a welcome respite from the heat of the day. But I’m not talking about the store bought kind, delicious though it maybe, no I’m talking about going out and ordering a twirl or a scoop. So here are my thoughts on some of the places I’ve been to:

KFC: In terms of ice-cream, you cannot go wrong with KFC. I have tried their twirl and their sundae and loved them both. NJB raves about their crushers. I really can’t say much else other than go try it for yourself.

Burger & Relish: I LOVE this place and will write a full review on it but that’s for another day. Now NJB and I visited this place sometime ago with friends and after a wonderful meal decided to order dessert. One of the options was a brownie with either vanilla or peanut butter ice cream. Unsure of the latter, we ordered the vanilla to be on the safe side however there was a mishap in the kitchen and we were given the peanut butter. We thought it would be bad. We were wrong. Wanna know how good it was? I reminded NJB about it this morning and she made a sound that was not human. That’s how good it was.

Creamy Inn: Sitting between its more popular cousins Chicken Inn and Pizza Inn, Creamy Inn kind of just sits there. However those who do go up to their counter know that they serve a decent ice cream nonetheless.

Nominom: Okay let’s set this straight right off the bat: Nominom does not serve ice cream, they serve frozen yogurt. However it is a delicious alternative to those who prefer a healthier option. Word of caution though, flavors are very specific so not everything may suit your taste-buds. I personally recommend the blueberry.

Papaye: Papaye has been around for a while now and they will be around for a long time to come. Their ice cream isn’t bad either. Both their vanilla and chocolate are really good. NJB and I are not really fans of their mixed ice cream but that’s just a personal preference so don’t let it stop you from trying it out.

So that’s my list for today, do you have anyplace you’d like me to check out?

Till the next time….


Cosmos out.

My Last Night in Togo

My heart is still in the streets of Togo

Togo is my little sanctuary where I go to unwind and leaving for Ghana always makes me very emotional. So on Monday which was my last day, I stayed in my room half of the morning thinking about the things awaiting me in Ghana. To be honest, I was not happy about it. I did not want to come back home. I have such freedom and liberty in Togo that I did not want it to end.


The morning of my last night

When I finally dragged myself out of bed, El had already made breakfast – oats with honey, fried eggs, tea, baguette with butter and jam. She works from and she was hoarding the living room so I had breakfast on the balcony which did not have a spectacular view. But still something to reflect on and that was what I did. After breakfast, I stayed in my room reading some poems on her kindle and slept a bit.


The afternoon of my last night

The last time I was in Togo, I wanted to visit the Grande Marché but most shops at the market do not open on Sundays so I was not able to visit. So during my four days in Lomé, I added it to my itinerary. I needed to get some traditional prints and souvenirs for some friends and family. I told Ellen about it and she suggested the secondhand market with was closer to us and much cheaper. I remember I visited that market in 2006 and well, I did not mind revisiting memories from the past.

I could not go with Ellen though because she had to work. I had to go to with Olivia, one of the most interesting people I met in Togo. I was excited to go with Livi but the problem was; I speak basic French and she speaks basic English so communication was going to fun as hell. I remember telling El that Livi and I will have to resort to sign language. The Airport City where we live is not far from the Market but the 600 CFA the Cab driver charged was a bit on the low for me.

The second hand market is like Ghanaian Makola Market and Cantamanto merged together but with more parking space. We all know how noisy markets are but this noise was pleasant in my ears – rawness of the Togolese French. There was a big building where traders were selling their goods. The market is really an easy place to get lost so Livi took my Togo number just in case we got lost. We spent about three hours there searching for the specific items I needed and in good quality. I bought so many items from the market and they were all new.

Unlike the Ghanaian market where you can try on clothes before buying, some traders in the market refused to let you try on clothes with were alright. We later went in search for the black soap I fell in love with from my last visit and also some sheabutter El needed. When we left the market, I had gotten many stuff yet spent so little. I said this to Livi and she told me that many people cannot afford these stuffs, they are too expensive.

And before I forget, Livi and I did not resort to sign language. We understood each other very well.


The evening of my last night

El gets out of work after 7:00 pm so we decided to have dinner afterwards. We were not in the mood to cook that evening so we decided to go get something and dine in. we however did not know what to eat. After some thoughts, we settled on some Lebanese dishes. El told me about Le Phenicien restaurant which was a 30 minute drive who makes very good Lebanese meals. So we called Ali who had been in Togo for a while and knew almost everyone there. He ordered for our meals and offered to drive us there.

Le Phenicien restaurant is beautiful – the lobby has a bakery, icecream parlour and sitting area. There is an inner room for dining. When we got there, the owner came to greet us and El passed a comment about how we will get served quickly because the owner knows Ali. And she was so right. Within 10 minutes, our food was in our hand and we were leaving the restaurant. Ali and I however feasted on some icecream and also got some croissant for breakfast the next day.

The ride back home was convincing Ali to join us for dinner which he did. We even got him to write a poem for the very first time and I must say, he is a natural. After Ali left at 10:30pm, El and I just sat there and talked about our dreams, desires, weaknesses and the fact that I should move to Togo.

That night in my bed, I told myself that maybe, I should move to Togo.




The Cupcake Café


4 Cupcake Pictures_2

Other than being a wanderlust, I am also a foodie. I love fine foods and I wouldn’t mind spending money on good food. As long as I will have the best, then I do not mind the cost. So when Vera told me about the little Cupcake place at Community 5, Tema, I wanted to visit and have a taste of the creamy goodie she so happily spoke about. I had been seeing the place everyday on my way to work but it was always closed. I guess I go to work early then.

So early this month, Vera and I decided to have a little chitchat at the cupcake café before we go home. It is easy to find – just right opposite Tema Secondary School former small gate. When we entered, we were met with a homely atmosphere. The interior has been decorated with colourful items mostly pink and this reminded me of a dollhouse – Barbie to be specific. We were welcomed by the Owner who is an elderly woman with very beautiful hair. I couldn’t help than gawk at her hair.

We had a little chat and giggles then asked if there was any place to sit so Vera and I could talk some more but she said she has no place to build a washroom so she cannot offer a place to sit. She went on to tell me that some of her clients told her they do not mind, she should go on ahead and create a sitting area but she will never be comfortable knowing she cannot offer a washroom. I was very disappointed because the porch can hold a couple of people who would just like to sit out in the open and enjoy a cupcake with coffee. I then asked what was available to which she told us and asked one of her workers to see to us.

We had the red velvet cupcake with whipped cream which was divine. The packaging was really inviting. The coffee was so smooth, you couldn’t tell whether it has been brewed or it is instant. it really tasted good and the packing for the milk and sugar was super cool.

We however wished there was a place to eat. The porch reminds me of a scene in a romantic movie and would have been perfect for a lazy afternoon hangout with a friend or lover. Too bad the cupcakes are to go. We do not have many places like this in tema so it is such a brilliant idea.


  • Cupcake – 5 cedis (vanilla, lemon, red velvet, strawberry, chocolate)
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies – 5 cedis (2 large cookies)
  • Coffee – 6 cedis (vanilla, hazelnut, liqueur)
  • Cakes (birthdays, weddings, etc.)
  • Macaroons (on request)

Overall Observation

  • Environment – very good
  • Décor – Excellent (I hope you like pink)
  • Service – very good
  • Cupcake – Excellent
  • Coffee – excellent