A Sojourner’s Journal; The Destination – Russia

Cosmos continues with her Russian story;

July 12, 2017 – St. Petersburg

So, I got in last night and proceeded to:

First day here: Well first thing is we took the subway into town. One thing I noticed about the city centre is that the entire place follows a pastel colour pattern; ivory, peach, pale green, you name it.

Then we went to the Kazanskiy Sobor which is this huge old cathedral/museum. And I mean huge.
After that we took a tour bus around the city, it was pretty fun, the tour guide said that if you spent 1 minute looking at each painting in the Winter Palace/Hermitage Museum it would take you about 60 years to go through all of them.

July 14, 2017
I went to the Hermitage today! But first I had to wait in line for a very long time in the blithering cold but I still got in and it was worth the wait.

Cool fact: kids under 18 and students (if you have proof) are allowed in for free. Still have to pay if you want to go on a tour though.

I know I wrote a piece once where I stated that I would never get tired of being surrounded by luxury; well that isn’t true anymore. I mean really? The Malachite Room alone…

There were also special exhibits on the top floor from other countries. Although my favourite parts, were the really old pieces and by old, I mean stone age and iron age. Primarily the weapons.

July 15, 2017
Turns out that here you have to pay for plastic bags when you shop, which is a great idea. I mean, if you pay for it then you’re going to keep and reuse it instead of just tossing it.

Went to an ice-ring today and proceeded to epically fail and nearly break my arm on the wall. I was later informed that I should have rented skates for boys which are much easier to balance on for first time users. When I told NJ about my arm, she laughed at my pain. I need new friends.

I found a shop that has knifes. And crossbows. I wanted one. My wallet said no.


Freeing Africa

Have any of you played room escape games online? If you have, good for you. If not here’s the premises; you find yourself in a room with a locked door, you must search the room to find various items, puzzles, and clues. Then through a combination of logic, sheer dumb luck, and, let’s be honest, the walk-through that one dude posted in the comments because he is the real MVP; open the door and get out of that place. Doesn’t that sound like fun!
Any who, among those who know these games some may know that sometime ago some companies decided to turn these games into an actual physical game. And I’m not talking about VR. One of these, Freeing Africa, is in Accra. It’s located on the top level of the MaxMart Shopping Centre opposite Golden Tulip Hotel, Accra.
The rate at the time was 50 cedis per head. There are three rooms to choose from, each with a different difficulty level and you have 50 minutes, I think, to get out. Now the rule is you have to go in a group but I was able to convince / beg the guys there to let me take the easiest level alone; so they handcuffed me and tossed me into a dark room. It was awesome!
I’d tell you more but I’ve been told that most people don’t like spoilers. So just grab a bunch of friends and go check it out.
Till the next time,
Cosmos out.