Finally… Takoradi!!!

I have been to all the regional capitals in Ghana except Sunyani and Takoradi. So over the Republic holiday, I planned a trip to Takoradi with friends. The trip was supposed to be with a larger group but due to some circumstances, only 6 people were able to make it.

We had planned on leaving Accra at 10:00am but were delayed and got stuck in traffic. This made the trip rather unpleasant; the several stops we made on the way did not help much. The journey seemed long and endless and by the time we got to Takoradi, we were all cranky and tired.

Checking in at Okatakyie Hotel was a relief after the 4 hour drive and the serene atmosphere at the hotel added to my joy. In my itinerary, we had an activity upon arrival but due to the unpleasant trip, we all ended up in our beds until we got hungry. The others were in the mood for some fufu and headed towards an amazing eatery recommended by Takoradi Guru Albert while Dee and I went to the Atlantic Hotel with John.

At the Atlantic hotel:

Well, they were right about the Atlantic hotel. It is indeed beautiful and great for vacationers who have more to spend. They however have nothing on the Royal Nick Hotel when it comes to the reception area. The Royal Nick Hotel’s reception is rather fancy.

We went down to the canoe bar and restaurant for food and drinks. The menu was packed but it somehow seemed empty since there were not many varieties. I settled for a mezze platter (hummus, salad, pita bread, lamb, beef and chicken) which was 35.00 Cedis. Dee settled for Quarter chicken and rice which was 45.00 Cedis. While we waited for our meals, we ordered nonalcoholic cocktails which were on point. Across the bar was live jazz music which blended beautifully with the serene atmosphere of the bar.

After a while, our meals arrived steamy hot. John and Dee were shocked by my choice of food and were hoping I would puke. I told them I had had this meal before and there was no chance that was going to happen. I delved into my hummus and immediately regretted my choice of food.


Advice to you all:

If you want to eat an indigenous food of a country, go to a restaurant owned by that group of people.

After dinner, we moved to the Paragon Bar & Grill where I was shocked to find out that they do not serve cocktails. However the waitress made me an amazing ice-cream and Baileys drink which was delicious.

So my first night in Takoradi was not bad afterall.





An Overnight Stay in Lomé


I left my heart in the streets of Lomé


I fell in love first with the clean beaches of Lomé and my love gradually developed as I saw the rest of the country. On Saturday afternoon however, I was disappointed on how dirty the beaches were but that did not make me love the country any less. I had expected to get to Togo by noon but I got a little delayed and got there at 2pm. I went through the normal immigration headache and was such a relief when I got to Ellen’s apartment at Cité de l’Aéroport.


3:15 pm

We had decided to go for lunch so we went to Le Patio which is behind the University of Lomé. This is the place where most dignitaries dine so I must say it’s pretty fancy. The place has the same theme as Villa Boutique Hotel in Ghana. All wooden furniture with African prints sofas and a swing close to the pool. I must say French people know good food and great service. We had pizza though we would have preferred something else. The kitchen had closed for lunch and was making dinner so all they could serve was pizza and fresh juice. After the meal, we sat underneath a cloth like tent until we were ready to leave.


9:00 pm

Ellen and I met with Ali and Bishr later in the evening to have dinner at Le Philipat – a creative themed restaurant with soft music, photos, lanterns and butterfly paintings on the wall. The place was totally packed and after tasting their meal, I understood why. As I said French people know good food and great service. I requested for rose wine but I was given white and it was quickly changed. For entrée, I have a seafood salad and for dinner, I had fish fillet and mushroom sauce with rice. After dinner, we sat there to admire the place and talk for a while. The night was however too young so we decided to visit another place.


10:30 pm

We arrived at a rooftop café called Beach Café. It looked simple from the outside and the stairway did not seem fancy so I was not prepared for what met me on the roof.  It was magical! Felt like I had just stepped into Prince Charming’s ball. Well, if the ball had been on the beach, I suppose the Beach Café would have been it.  

  • Wooden canopies and white flowing curtains give you that breezy Californian feel
  • Blue lighting and yellow lanterns set a beautiful contrast like ice and fire
  • Comfortable sofas and soft music which relaxes you
  • Spacious dance area for those who can move to the rhythm
  • Wonderful beach view since the Café is just opposite the Lomé Beach

While we sat at the bar, there were bikers practising on the streets for a pending race. This added more spice to the evening.


2:00 am

We went to La Villa which is so much like Firefly in Osu, Ghana. That place was made for dancing. In Ghana, I may be one of the worst dancers but in Togo (with Ellen, Ali and Bishr), I was the Dance Queen. But who can blame them? In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king. The DJ I must say knew how to work the beats. Every single song had a beat I could move to but what got me on fire was when Castro’s “Seiho Seiho” started playing. That was when I realized that no matter where you travel to, you’d always want a bit of home with you.

At 3:30 am, we were all in Ellen’s apartment having some hot tea and reliving the day’s event.

If you happen to be in Lomé for an overnight stay, I will suggest you visit these places which will not cost more than 30,000 cfa depending on your taste.

Lunch   – Le Patio

Dinner – Le Philipat

Drinks – Beach Café

Dancing – La Villa




Away on the Lakeside: The Swanky Royal Senchi



First rule to being a wanderlust is to learn to invite yourself at all times. If you find out a friend or colleague is travelling to a place you have never been before, ask them if you can join. It does not matter if you are the third wheel. Just go with them. This is how I ended up at the Royal Senchi.

The journey to the hotel is just 60km from the Tema Motorway Roundabout and eventful – at the Shai Hills, we had to park the car to permit a few baboons cross the road, which was interesting. The location of the hotel is easy to find – thanks to the many signboards on the road offering direction.

 I have heard so much about this place and this fueled my expectations. Upon arrival, I immediately set out to check out for the kind of service we will be getting. I found out that the reception we received at the gate by the security persons was a glean of what was on offer. They were professional and helpful.




Royal Senchi is a very beautiful place. Their type of building structure, furnishings, lighting system was exquisite. The friend I was with was more interested in the architecture which led me to exploring the place with my architectural eye (I have to say). The reception area- was very forthcoming with the little African shop- leads to a lobby, restaurant, bar and the swimming pool. I knew I was going to spend most of the time at the pool so we decided to survey the place. The Hotel is also family friendly with a playground for children with really cute rabbits which will warm the hearts of any child.

After the survey, we decided to find something to eat but had to wait for the buffet which was at 12pm. We ordered for juice which ranges from 7 Cedis upwards. The waitress was kind enough to add some bread and butter to satiate our hunger a little. After our drinks, we decided to go on a boat ride which ranges from 40 cedis (kayak) upwards. I don’t really trust water so I chose to go on the harris which takes a minimum of 4 people.


Lunch was laid out at the restaurant with the menu just outside the sitting area. The waitresses were very helpful. Buffet, depending on the menu, ranges from 50 cedis per head. The meals were on point, the fresh juice was divine.

Went on the harris boat which was a 30 minutes ride. The attendant served as a tour guide and showed us the islands around including the happy village- the dwelling place of one family.

Though there are not many activities at Senchi, the relaxing atmosphere just warms you, leaving you wishing to laze around and pamper yourself. And I think that is what the place is made for. General Manager – Mr. Alex was on hand to interact with guests; a very impressive gesture.

Many people complained about how the hotel is costly but this was not the case if you are not there to spend the day and night.

Prices of items are subject to change. 
I visited the hotel on 24th December 2015.