2 Cups of Coffee (and an ice-cream too)

It’s been a while since I posted my coffee and ice-cream review lists. So long in fact that it’s time for an update on that war front, so let’s dive in:
1. Vida E Cafe: I finally did it. I finally dragged my ass (and my wallet) here and I loved it. Why didn’t I get here sooner?!? As always, I played it safe and ordered a caffe latte (I often find that ,if nothing else, cafes usually make a decent latte) and it was divine. And while they have more limited selection compared to places like Second Cup, they are, nevertheless, worth it. The complementary piece of dark chocolate is just the cherry on top.
2. Ci gusta: This was actually suggested to us in a comment in my ice-cream review list. Truth is, I was here years ago (had the waffles, don’t remember much past that). However more recently, I came back here with company. My latte passed the test however it seemed the beans for my companions Americanos had been over-roasted causing a somewhat bitter taste. I was told by one of my companions that this was unusual as she came here often and had never had any issue. Interestingly enough the Americanos were served with a mini-scoop of ice-cream on a mini-cone. But the true highlight of our visit was the ice-cream. My companions ordered the berry ice-cream, I tried a bit and it was quite simply; a delight. I ordered the rum raisin ice-cream, also an excellent choice that is just this side of boozy.
Well that’s all we have for now. Don’t forget to leave a suggestion of where you’d like me or NJ to go next. 
Till next time,
Cosmos out.

Breakfast at Cafe Mondo

Who likes cooking on a Saturday morning? People who did not have an epic Friday night, that’s who! And while I generally spend my Friday nights like the metaphorical cat-behind-the-couch, last Friday was awesome! I mean it was…wait, what were we talking about? Oh yeah, breakfast on a Saturday! Needless to say, my friends and I did not want to cook however we did want to eat. Solution; Cafe Mondo at the A&C Mall.

I liked the place even before I put coffee in my system which is something noteworthy. My self-impression of Frankenstein’s monster aside, the place really was great. The service given was great and the PR/HR manager is very helpful. All staff in the restaurant are attentive and ready to assist you.

The cafe latte was excellent, no complaints. I decided to try the Ham & Cheese omelette. Presentation was excellent and the omelette was delicious. They had a variety of omelet for vegetarians and the meat lovers. Their juices and smoothies are creative and tasty.

A note of caution about the juice, it’s blended fresh for you. So even if it looks a bit off to you, it’s a great deal healthier.


Cosmos out

Cups of Coffee

As someone once told me “Have you drank your coffee yet? Because you look like a zombie or some variation of that”. Don’t ask me who said it or if those were the exact words; I hadn’t had my coffee yet so I don’t know. So needless to say my daily cup’o java is kind of a big deal to me but whether I’m drinking from necessity or just for the love of coffee, it’s always nice to savor a truly good cup of brew. A favorite pass time of mine is to sample various coffee shops whenever I come across them; a hobby that is severely limited due to…well let’s just say reasons and leave it at that.

Despite my ‘reasons’ I have visited some establishments, a few of which come to mind right now:

The Cupcake Cafe: Located in Tema, Community 5, this is relatively new discovery. Cupcake Cafe specializes in but is not limited to, as the name implies, cupcakes. However what we have to note is that they make coffee upon request. While offering only type of coffee, it is nevertheless worth it. They provide a brew that is the definition of smooth.

Nominom: More commonly known for it’s frozen yogurt and pastries, Nominom also offers a small selection of coffee brews to choose from. I recently sampled their Americano. The coffee was very good but I had a few complaints. First off, the price per cup was within the standard for such places so no complaints there, however the quantity of coffee given was a bit of a let down. My second issue was the condiments, the Americano does not by definition come with milk so I requested that milk be added but was refused on the grounds that if it’s not mentioned in the recipe, they can’t add it. Understandable but I feel they should be more flexible with customer requests. Still the coffee was good, you can find a Nominom at Tema, Comm.6 or at the Accra Mall.

Enda: I have not been here in a LONG time, so my info may be a bit out dated but I have some very good memories of their coffee. So why not head out to the Accra Mall and see if my memories hold true?

Second Cup: This maybe the last on my list but it’s definitely not the least. If anything it’s the most. This place hit me like a punch to the face and it hasn’t stopped yet. The selection is marvelous, the coffee is divine, and I should stop before write a novella in praise of this place. Don’t believe me? Find them at Palace Shopping Centre(Spintex Road), Achimota Mall, and West Hills Mall.

So have you visited any of these places and if yes what did you think? Where do you want me to try out next? Leave me a comment below or hit me up on twitter.


Cosmos out.

The Cupcake Café


4 Cupcake Pictures_2

Other than being a wanderlust, I am also a foodie. I love fine foods and I wouldn’t mind spending money on good food. As long as I will have the best, then I do not mind the cost. So when Vera told me about the little Cupcake place at Community 5, Tema, I wanted to visit and have a taste of the creamy goodie she so happily spoke about. I had been seeing the place everyday on my way to work but it was always closed. I guess I go to work early then.

So early this month, Vera and I decided to have a little chitchat at the cupcake café before we go home. It is easy to find – just right opposite Tema Secondary School former small gate. When we entered, we were met with a homely atmosphere. The interior has been decorated with colourful items mostly pink and this reminded me of a dollhouse – Barbie to be specific. We were welcomed by the Owner who is an elderly woman with very beautiful hair. I couldn’t help than gawk at her hair.

We had a little chat and giggles then asked if there was any place to sit so Vera and I could talk some more but she said she has no place to build a washroom so she cannot offer a place to sit. She went on to tell me that some of her clients told her they do not mind, she should go on ahead and create a sitting area but she will never be comfortable knowing she cannot offer a washroom. I was very disappointed because the porch can hold a couple of people who would just like to sit out in the open and enjoy a cupcake with coffee. I then asked what was available to which she told us and asked one of her workers to see to us.

We had the red velvet cupcake with whipped cream which was divine. The packaging was really inviting. The coffee was so smooth, you couldn’t tell whether it has been brewed or it is instant. it really tasted good and the packing for the milk and sugar was super cool.

We however wished there was a place to eat. The porch reminds me of a scene in a romantic movie and would have been perfect for a lazy afternoon hangout with a friend or lover. Too bad the cupcakes are to go. We do not have many places like this in tema so it is such a brilliant idea.


  • Cupcake – 5 cedis (vanilla, lemon, red velvet, strawberry, chocolate)
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies – 5 cedis (2 large cookies)
  • Coffee – 6 cedis (vanilla, hazelnut, liqueur)
  • Cakes (birthdays, weddings, etc.)
  • Macaroons (on request)

Overall Observation

  • Environment – very good
  • Décor – Excellent (I hope you like pink)
  • Service – very good
  • Cupcake – Excellent
  • Coffee – excellent