4 Visa Free Asian Countries For Ghanaian Citizens

From my previous post on visa free travel opportunities for Ghanaian citizens, here are the second group of countries in Asia where Ghanaian citizens can visit visa free.


Bangladesh – Tourism is not really big in Bangladesh especially at its rural areas outside Dhaka but that does not mean you should not give it a thought. Aren’t vacations all about new experiences in new territories? And to have a place not mostly visited means less stress, right? Bangladesh is a must see as this country is the epitome of diversity due to its religious influence – Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and Animism. The country’s diverse culture is manifested in their history, sacred places of worship, architecture, arts and crafts, classical and folk music, literature and cuisine which I believe is reason enough to visit. But if you are neither spiritual nor interested in the country’s culture, then you can just visit the below tourists’ sights and enjoy the activities.

You can go on;

  • a two or three day Sundarban adventure in the mangrove forest where you will see the highest number of man eating tigers; good population of deer; more than 245 types of birds and 100+ types of fishes.PS: Your safety is assured.
  • a tour to discover the famous otter fishing which is so unique that it got the attention of world media such as Aljazeera, Time and BBC.
  • a paddle steamer river cruise and backwater trip in Barishal: on your cruise, you will visit the archaeological places in Bagerhat and backwater trip in Barishal to watch the floating market activities.
  • visit Nijhum Dwip (island of tranquillity): you will be met with a quiet, serene environment which is believed to heal a heat that is hurt and cure boredom.
  • a trip to the brass and pottery village in Dhaka where you can learn pottery and explore the rich metal and brass worker activities.
  • visit their tea plantation at Srimangal which also boasts of a forest reserve (Lawachara National Park) and a waterfall (Hamham Waterfalls or Baikkar Beel).
  • visit the second largest city which is also the port city called Chittagong. This city is a bit different than other cities in the country as this place is full of natural beauty and less pollution. you will get to enjoy the city life, historic sights and the beauty of nature. Here, you visit the Vatieary Lake, the Patenga Sea Beach and its market, the river Karafuli, boat ride on Karnaphuli River etc.
  • visit the world’s longest unbroken clean sandy beach of Cox’s Bazar. Then visit the beautiful coral island under Teknaf Upazila called St. Martin Island.

So you see, Bangladesh has so much to offer.


Indonesia – We have all heard of the beautiful Indonesian island of Bali which is known for its volcanic mountains, iconic rice paddies, beaches and coral reefs. Sadly, Ghanaians will need a visa to visit Bali as it is an independent state but for the rest of Indonesia, we get to visit visa free. So in Indonesia, these are what you can do;

  • Go snorkelling and sunbathing on the island of Pulau Weh in Aceh
  • Visit the largest Buddhist Temple in the world – Borobudur Temple, Magelang. This has 72 sculpted figures of Buddha.
  • Eat the best foods of Indonesia which can be found at Padang – the capital city of West Sumatra. You can be given 20 or 25 different dishes at once and you only have to pay for the dishes you touched. Foodies out there, this is for you.
  • visit the natural lake that sprung from the crater of a long dormant volcano – Lake Toba in North Sumatra where you can choose to swim or enjoy a variety of watersports on the lake or visit the traditional houses of the indigenous people, the Batak.
  • Go trekking, tubing on the river or visiting the orangutan sanctuary at Bukit Lawang, the capital city of North Sumatra.
  • Take a ferry trip to the islands of Gili where there are no cars, no police. This is the perfect getaway from everything. On this island, your only form of transportation is a form of bicycle or horses.
  • Witness the natural phenomenon of the tri colours of the lakes of the volcanic mountain Kelimutu within the summit of the craters. The colours of the lakes changes from blue or green to red or black.
  • Visit the Komodo Islands which hosts the Komodo dragons who can be found in the Komodo National Park.

These are just a list of the few things you can do in Indonesia. There is still the tour of Jarkata; the local community of Tana Toraja; diving and surfing at Nusa Lembongan etc. Good news is your visa free opportunity in Indonesia lasts for 30 days so you have enough time to see all these wonderful places.


Philippines – The Philippines is a beautiful country with its own issues. I mean there is a fast growing population contending with the natural resources; there are also 20 active volcanos; and the area is prone to harsh weather conditions. Despite all these issues, this country is a beautiful place made up of over 7,000 islands and natural wonders everyone must see. This country is like a paradise on earth with its beautiful beaches like the beaches at the Boracay island which is famous for its beautiful white beaches surrounded by hotels, restaurants and diving shops. The country has the biggest shopping malls in the world where you will certainly get lost in. There is also the diverse wildlife – birds, reptiles, amphibians, coral species etc. They also have the Banaue rice terraces; chocolate hills (over 1,260 hills); the theme park of the Enchanted Kingdom at Santa Rosa; the Avilon Zoo, Manila City Hall, Tinago Falls etc. But I doubt many of us would be paying much attention to these tourist sights when there are white sand beaches everywhere and also really good food. There is always a bright side in every ugly situation.


Singapore – We all know Singapore and how clean their streets are. Wouldn’t that be a great sight from you know… Singapore is expensive, yes, it is but it is also home to many exciting things like the many free parks, incredible street food and budget shops.

  • The Singapore botanical gardens which is free and a resting area to get in touch with nature
  • Tiong Bahru: a hipster neighbourhood that is filled with cool shops, restaurants and bars
  • Enjoy some local dishes at a hawker centre – sample street food
  • Haji Lane in Kampong Glam neighbourhood holds a collection of hip shops for fashionistas
  • Enjoy a breath-taking view of the city in a Singapore flyer (a large observation wheel that stands 541 feet above the ground)
  • Haw Par Villa on Pasir Panjang Road is a free park with more than 1,000 statutes and dioramas which predict the Chinese folk tales, beliefs and legends
  • Orchard road for shopping – 22 shopping malls, 6 department stores
  • Singapore river and its famous quays on a relaxing river tour
  • Singapore zoo (otters, pygmy hippos, zebras, rhinoceroses, orangutans
  • If you are there in mid-September to mid-October, you can join in the Mid-Autumn Festival in Singapore’s Chinatown. This festival includes a variety of creative lantern, decorative displays and scrumptious meals
  • Marina Bay Sands Skypark at Bayfront Avenue offers an observation deck and a stunning infinity pool you can gaze at the city from 57 stories up. Pool is for hotel guests but the observation deck can be visited by purchasing tickets.
  • On rainy days, National Museum of Singapore holds innovative festivals like the Night festival, film screenings and exhibitions that cover the history of Singapore
  • Jurong bird park at Jurong Hill is one of Asia’s largest collection of birds. 400 different species
  • The serene island oasis of Palau Ubin – easily accessible via boats from Changi village. Perfect for cycling and kayaking
  • Budget shopping at Bugis street: large market filled with clothing, shoes, accessories, food stalls, retro shops.

So here are the 4 visa free countries in Asia. Next Wednesday, I will be sharing with you visa free countries in Australia and Oceania.