Iroko Beach Villas: Home Away From Home

I fell in love with Iroko Beach Villas the very first time I visited with friends in Summer 2014. Who wouldn’t? A beautiful timber house with a huge compound right on the shores of Oshiye – Kokrobite with the sea breeze flowing through spacious rooms. I must say, the owner, architect and interior decorator did a wonderful job with this villa because I felt right at home. The house has this warm homey feeling which makes you feel like this is right where you belong. Well, this is how I feel every single time. So when a friend suggested we go on a trip on the holiday weekend, I knew I had to get them to Iroko Beach Villas and that was exactly what I did.


The Journey:

Kokrobite is an hour drive away from the Accra Mall depending on the traffic and the kind of car you use. Thus, we used an Uber cab and despite the traffic, we got there a couple of minutes after an hour. We were charged between 45.00 Cedis to 75.00 Cedis. If you are going by public transportation, you can just pick a trotro heading towards Kasoa; alight at the barrier; cross the road and head to the Kokrobite Taxi station and alight at Abena W) Ha Spot or Israel Enterprise at Oshiye – Kokrobite. This should cost you less than 10.00 Cedis.


The Place:

Iroko Beach Villas is a large architect-designed modern timber-framed beach house with four bedrooms (3 doubles and 1 twin) all with modern on-suit bathrooms and balconies. There is a huge open-plan living area (plus a large outside deck), a modern kitchen, and a barbeque area making the house ideal for entertaining. The large garden has a decked path onto the beach and an outside shower. The ocean views and sounds are uninterrupted, as is the 24-hour cooling sea breeze. The house comes with a 24-hour watchman and a housekeeper; internet and it is family friendly.


The Environs: 

Kokrobite beach is a fantastic place to relax, but yet still within easy distance of the city and airport. The local bars and restaurants, which are a short walk along the beach, are starting to develop an interesting music scene, especially at the weekends. There is the beach right outside the door; a few local bars and restaurants a short walk along the beach; the Kokrobite Gardens; a large international supermarket chain 10 minutes drive away; a go-kart place about 20 minutes drive away; bojo beach etc.


Getting around:

Local taxis can be waved down and are cheap and plentiful and are fine for short journeys, but tend to be a little small and warm for longer journeys.


The Activities:

Depending on what your reasons are for visiting and the group you are with, here are some activities I can recommend.

  • Visit the Kokrobite Gardens
  • Visit the Kokrobite Academy of African Music and Arts
  • Reggae Night at Big Milly’s Backyard
  • Go-kart racing
  • Go swimming
  • Sunbathe
  • Evening and early morning strolls
  • Watch the sunrise and sunset
  • Have a bonfire night and barbeque
  • Play beach soccer
  • Do some yoga in the open air
  • Go jogging or running along the shores
  • Watch the fishermen cast / draw their nets
  • Stay home and play some board games / cards
  • Dine on some fresh seafood
  • Take some amazing photographs and videos
  • Laze about in swimsuits

If you are looking at getting away from the busy city life for a weekend or for the Christmas holidays, then I highly recommend Iroko Beach Villas.


Why not Pram Beach?

Do you ever get tired of vacationing in style?

Does the constant presence of luxury often grind on your nerves?

My answer, “No, no it doesn’t”, my wallet’s answer, “YES!”

If your wallet is like mine, then I may have a place for you. Now for those living in Tema, we’ve all heard one way or the other about Prampram. Made even more well known by its numerous hotel resorts, a ridiculous number of which go belly up after the first year, Prampram is a go-to place for a day out of town.

Amidst its various resorts, perhaps the longest running is Prambeach. Located on a decent sized plot of grassy land, Prambeach doesn’t really offer much besides a place to relax and wind-down in the sea breeze. The drinks are cold and the food’s the same as any other local place, and really what else you need? For those who want to stay a night, they have a few rooms going for 80 ghana cedis a night.

Why not come on out and try it out for yourself?


Cosmos out

Into the Wild

They say “it is not about the destination, it is all about the journey”. I do agree but when it comes to Mole National Park and Motel, I will say it is about both the journey and the destination. The Mole National Park is the largest wildlife reserve in Ghana found on a savannah woodland ecosystem. It is situated at the township of Damongo in the northern region. This park is filled with different species of wildlife which includes amphibians, antelopes, baboons, birds, buffalos, elephants, hyenas, kobs, leopards, lions, monkeys, reptiles and warthog.

The journey to the North is long and stressful by road, but the memorable sights along the way will make up for the stress. So I recommend you travel by road and return home by air. This was how my friend Konstantinos travelled to Mole Park last month. Though he had many complaints about the journey, the car and Mole motel, he had so many beautiful things to say about the tourist sights he visited. He would however have wished to stay at the luxurious Zaina Lodge if he had known about it earlier.

On their way to the Mole Park, they visited the Boabeng–Fiema Monkey Sanctuary at Nkoranza and the Kintampo waterfalls which was breathtaking. At their destination, they took a tour through the township of Damongo, visited the Larabanga Mosque which is the oldest in Ghana and a safari tour / adventure at the Mole National Park.

I will pause here now and show you breathtaking photos taken by Konstantinos. Someone tell the man he should be a photographer.

Up On The Mountain

Going to the Mountains last weekend reminded me of Lizzie’s birthday party which was held at The Lansdown Resort Hotel on the Akwapim Hills in Aburi. This hotel is in a very secretive location. You have to really know the area to find the place which adds a little spice to it. I believe it was built for (nature) lovers, writers, photographers, models and those who just want to run away from everything for a while.

The hotel is made up of very luxurious villas, a tennis court, a swimming pool and an eating area which gives you perfect scenery of the Mountains. Behind the villas is a pathway which leads to a sitting area just overlooking a river. I do not want to say much about this place. I believe each one of us have to experience the place to understand my sentiments. 

The Swanky Royal Senchi


Away on the Lakeside: The Swanky Royal Senchi



First rule to being a wanderlust is to learn to invite yourself at all times. If you find out a friend or colleague is travelling to a place you have never been before, ask them if you can join. It does not matter if you are the third wheel. Just go with them. This is how I ended up at the Royal Senchi.

The journey to the hotel is just 60km from the Tema Motorway Roundabout and eventful – at the Shai Hills, we had to park the car to permit a few baboons cross the road, which was interesting. The location of the hotel is easy to find – thanks to the many signboards on the road offering direction.

 I have heard so much about this place and this fueled my expectations. Upon arrival, I immediately set out to check out for the kind of service we will be getting. I found out that the reception we received at the gate by the security persons was a glean of what was on offer. They were professional and helpful.




Royal Senchi is a very beautiful place. Their type of building structure, furnishings, lighting system was exquisite. The friend I was with was more interested in the architecture which led me to exploring the place with my architectural eye (I have to say). The reception area- was very forthcoming with the little African shop- leads to a lobby, restaurant, bar and the swimming pool. I knew I was going to spend most of the time at the pool so we decided to survey the place. The Hotel is also family friendly with a playground for children with really cute rabbits which will warm the hearts of any child.

After the survey, we decided to find something to eat but had to wait for the buffet which was at 12pm. We ordered for juice which ranges from 7 Cedis upwards. The waitress was kind enough to add some bread and butter to satiate our hunger a little. After our drinks, we decided to go on a boat ride which ranges from 40 cedis (kayak) upwards. I don’t really trust water so I chose to go on the harris which takes a minimum of 4 people.


Lunch was laid out at the restaurant with the menu just outside the sitting area. The waitresses were very helpful. Buffet, depending on the menu, ranges from 50 cedis per head. The meals were on point, the fresh juice was divine.

Went on the harris boat which was a 30 minutes ride. The attendant served as a tour guide and showed us the islands around including the happy village- the dwelling place of one family.

Though there are not many activities at Senchi, the relaxing atmosphere just warms you, leaving you wishing to laze around and pamper yourself. And I think that is what the place is made for. General Manager – Mr. Alex was on hand to interact with guests; a very impressive gesture.

Many people complained about how the hotel is costly but this was not the case if you are not there to spend the day and night.

Prices of items are subject to change. 
I visited the hotel on 24th December 2015.