When a Moon hits your Eye like a Big Pizza Pie

…that’s amore. Or you’re hallucinating pizza. Anyway, it’s been a while since I’ve done a 5 places list, so to make this list special I’m going to be recommending one of my favourite dishes; pizza.

Papa’s Pizza – In short; great pizza. No joke, the pizza here is great, the prices are fine, and non-pork eaters they list out what pizzas don’t have pork and it’s a pretty decent selection. However, one issue: depending on what branch is close to you, you may want to order to go. My issue is with the new Tema branch, their seating area is outside beside the road with nothing preventing others from walking through or glancing in.

Pizza hut – A famous pizza chain which recently came to Ghana. I have zero complaints about the pizza, although I do question putting Feta cheese on a pizza but to each his own. I’ve been told that they don’t use pork products but you may want to confirm that. Sides look great too, I really want to try the cheesy garlic twist. On an unrelated note, if you’re at their branch on the hospital road in Tema, there is building behind them with a restaurant called Mos Bar B Q; go there, order the boneless chicken meal and tell me what you think.

Pizza Inn –  This is basically the staple when it comes to pizza in Ghana and I’ll say it, it’s a decent enough pie but that’s not why they’re so famous. Pizza Inn is famous for Terrific Tuesdays, it used to be that on Tuesdays for every pizza you buy you get one free but while no longer in place you still a pretty sweet discount on pizza on Tuesdays.

Eddy’s Pizza – Their pizza is not going to win any awards, their crust being entirely too sweet, however still worth going for the experience alone. Furnished like a classic, if a little run down, Italian restaurant it certain make a pleasant stay and they staff more than make up for whatever the pizza lacks.

Bassilisa – Right off the bat, I don’t like this place. Just the thought of their shawarma makes me cringe. However, their pizza is probably one of the few edible things on the menu. Not the best in town but a decent meal nonetheless.

And that’s that. Leave a comment where you’d like us to go and as always…
Cosmos out


Burger & Relish

As with all food lovers, I always find the highest quality for optimum satisfaction and often quality comes with a high price:

Located in Osu and East Legon, Burger and Relish is hailed Ghana’s first gourmet burger restaurant and it truly lives up to its name.

Decorated in rustic pub deco, this place is certainly an eye pleaser and the art hanging on its walls enough to entice NJB’s kleptomania. There are board games available for use at your discretion, which is a great way to avoid awkward silence at a family outing or to break the ice on a first date.

I really like the small details; like the fact that if you’re trying to eat a little healthier, you can trade your fries for a salad or the bun of your burger for a lettuce wrap. Also, if you order a bottle of beer the glass/beer mug is chilled beforehand; it’s great little detail which reminds me of the warming of the tea ware in traditional tea ceremonies.  

The food itself is divine with a simple presentation. You have a great choice of burgers and there’s even an option for vegetarians. If you’re not into burgers, then there’s also a lot of fun stuff for you to try. Desserts are great and I highly recommend the brownie with ice-cream. They also have a nice variety of alcoholic cocktails as well as non-alcoholic juices. The service is excellent and the staff extremely welcoming. However, their prices are on the high side but if you can afford it then this place is a must.

Cosmos out

2 Cups of Coffee (and an ice-cream too)

It’s been a while since I posted my coffee and ice-cream review lists. So long in fact that it’s time for an update on that war front, so let’s dive in:
1. Vida E Cafe: I finally did it. I finally dragged my ass (and my wallet) here and I loved it. Why didn’t I get here sooner?!? As always, I played it safe and ordered a caffe latte (I often find that ,if nothing else, cafes usually make a decent latte) and it was divine. And while they have more limited selection compared to places like Second Cup, they are, nevertheless, worth it. The complementary piece of dark chocolate is just the cherry on top.
2. Ci gusta: This was actually suggested to us in a comment in my ice-cream review list. Truth is, I was here years ago (had the waffles, don’t remember much past that). However more recently, I came back here with company. My latte passed the test however it seemed the beans for my companions Americanos had been over-roasted causing a somewhat bitter taste. I was told by one of my companions that this was unusual as she came here often and had never had any issue. Interestingly enough the Americanos were served with a mini-scoop of ice-cream on a mini-cone. But the true highlight of our visit was the ice-cream. My companions ordered the berry ice-cream, I tried a bit and it was quite simply; a delight. I ordered the rum raisin ice-cream, also an excellent choice that is just this side of boozy.
Well that’s all we have for now. Don’t forget to leave a suggestion of where you’d like me or NJ to go next. 
Till next time,
Cosmos out.

Breakfast at Cafe Mondo

Who likes cooking on a Saturday morning? People who did not have an epic Friday night, that’s who! And while I generally spend my Friday nights like the metaphorical cat-behind-the-couch, last Friday was awesome! I mean it was…wait, what were we talking about? Oh yeah, breakfast on a Saturday! Needless to say, my friends and I did not want to cook however we did want to eat. Solution; Cafe Mondo at the A&C Mall.

I liked the place even before I put coffee in my system which is something noteworthy. My self-impression of Frankenstein’s monster aside, the place really was great. The service given was great and the PR/HR manager is very helpful. All staff in the restaurant are attentive and ready to assist you.

The cafe latte was excellent, no complaints. I decided to try the Ham & Cheese omelette. Presentation was excellent and the omelette was delicious. They had a variety of omelet for vegetarians and the meat lovers. Their juices and smoothies are creative and tasty.

A note of caution about the juice, it’s blended fresh for you. So even if it looks a bit off to you, it’s a great deal healthier.


Cosmos out

For the Meat Lovers

I like to indulge in guilty pleasures so when Mary suggested an early dinner at the Steakhouse in Accra Mall, Vera and I jumped in. After all, a couple of calories wouldn’t hurt, would it? Would it???

The Steakhouse is pretty simple, serene and nice with friendly workers who ushered us in with a smile. We ordered our meals from the counter and waited as it was prepared in front of us.

Though I am adventurous with food, I was very hungry and did not want to waste any food so I asked Mary to recommend a meal since she had been there before. She recommended the triple cheese threat and I went for it. It is cheese, cheese and more cheese, nothing can go wrong with cheese, can it? The smell of the steak was delicious and I was certain I was going to have a great meal. What added to my thrill was the fact that I could choose my own toppings. I went for tomatoes, green pepper, lettuce, pickles, sour cream and steak sauce. As I bit into my steak sandwich, the melted cheese trickled on my tongue and I was certain I knew how Heaven tasted like. So I wasn’t disappointed though I expected more cheese than was given.

Mary who had had most of the meals in the Steakhouse decided to go for the Sirloin steak and from her empty plate and look of satisfaction on her face, I could tell she enjoyed her meal. For her toppings, she requested for jalapenos, jalapenos and more jalapenos which was a bit unnerving since some of us cannot handle our pepper. Girl ate her steak as if it was filled with just tomatoes. Impressive!

Vera decided to play it safe as always and went for the Original Philly Cheese steak and this is her comment;

While quite delicious, it had no real wow factor. However it’s size and packaging make for an ideal ‘on the go‘ meal. What I really liked was that we were able to pick out  the other fixings as well as the sauce for the sandwiches ourselves.

So there you have it meat lovers. When you have a minute, indulge in some guilty pleasures but remember to work it all off later…






Finally… Takoradi!!!

I have been to all the regional capitals in Ghana except Sunyani and Takoradi. So over the Republic holiday, I planned a trip to Takoradi with friends. The trip was supposed to be with a larger group but due to some circumstances, only 6 people were able to make it.

We had planned on leaving Accra at 10:00am but were delayed and got stuck in traffic. This made the trip rather unpleasant; the several stops we made on the way did not help much. The journey seemed long and endless and by the time we got to Takoradi, we were all cranky and tired.

Checking in at Okatakyie Hotel was a relief after the 4 hour drive and the serene atmosphere at the hotel added to my joy. In my itinerary, we had an activity upon arrival but due to the unpleasant trip, we all ended up in our beds until we got hungry. The others were in the mood for some fufu and headed towards an amazing eatery recommended by Takoradi Guru Albert while Dee and I went to the Atlantic Hotel with John.

At the Atlantic hotel:

Well, they were right about the Atlantic hotel. It is indeed beautiful and great for vacationers who have more to spend. They however have nothing on the Royal Nick Hotel when it comes to the reception area. The Royal Nick Hotel’s reception is rather fancy.

We went down to the canoe bar and restaurant for food and drinks. The menu was packed but it somehow seemed empty since there were not many varieties. I settled for a mezze platter (hummus, salad, pita bread, lamb, beef and chicken) which was 35.00 Cedis. Dee settled for Quarter chicken and rice which was 45.00 Cedis. While we waited for our meals, we ordered nonalcoholic cocktails which were on point. Across the bar was live jazz music which blended beautifully with the serene atmosphere of the bar.

After a while, our meals arrived steamy hot. John and Dee were shocked by my choice of food and were hoping I would puke. I told them I had had this meal before and there was no chance that was going to happen. I delved into my hummus and immediately regretted my choice of food.


Advice to you all:

If you want to eat an indigenous food of a country, go to a restaurant owned by that group of people.

After dinner, we moved to the Paragon Bar & Grill where I was shocked to find out that they do not serve cocktails. However the waitress made me an amazing ice-cream and Baileys drink which was delicious.

So my first night in Takoradi was not bad afterall.




A Scoop or Two

So we’ve talked about coffee but you know what I think goes perfectly with coffee? Ice-cream!!! Whether you enjoy it with a hot cup of goodness or on its own, this treat is always a welcome respite from the heat of the day. But I’m not talking about the store bought kind, delicious though it maybe, no I’m talking about going out and ordering a twirl or a scoop. So here are my thoughts on some of the places I’ve been to:

KFC: In terms of ice-cream, you cannot go wrong with KFC. I have tried their twirl and their sundae and loved them both. NJB raves about their crushers. I really can’t say much else other than go try it for yourself.

Burger & Relish: I LOVE this place and will write a full review on it but that’s for another day. Now NJB and I visited this place sometime ago with friends and after a wonderful meal decided to order dessert. One of the options was a brownie with either vanilla or peanut butter ice cream. Unsure of the latter, we ordered the vanilla to be on the safe side however there was a mishap in the kitchen and we were given the peanut butter. We thought it would be bad. We were wrong. Wanna know how good it was? I reminded NJB about it this morning and she made a sound that was not human. That’s how good it was.

Creamy Inn: Sitting between its more popular cousins Chicken Inn and Pizza Inn, Creamy Inn kind of just sits there. However those who do go up to their counter know that they serve a decent ice cream nonetheless.

Nominom: Okay let’s set this straight right off the bat: Nominom does not serve ice cream, they serve frozen yogurt. However it is a delicious alternative to those who prefer a healthier option. Word of caution though, flavors are very specific so not everything may suit your taste-buds. I personally recommend the blueberry.

Papaye: Papaye has been around for a while now and they will be around for a long time to come. Their ice cream isn’t bad either. Both their vanilla and chocolate are really good. NJB and I are not really fans of their mixed ice cream but that’s just a personal preference so don’t let it stop you from trying it out.

So that’s my list for today, do you have anyplace you’d like me to check out?

Till the next time….


Cosmos out.