About Us


“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” ― Susan Sontag

Wanderlust is a strong desire or impulse to wander/ travel and explore the world.

Some people live to visit new places, interact with locals, learn different cultures and languages, eat new foods, go sightseeing, explore a new city and share their experiences with others. Due to their deep love for travel, such people find the most affordable way to travel and still indulge in the fun they crave. They discover the nook and cranny of every place that even a native might never know. Let us call these people your travel informants.

“The path of the wanderlust is yearned by many but very few have the courage to tread it.”

Knowing a bit more about a place before visiting can save you a lot of stress. You will know what to expect, the amount of money and time you will need to explore the corners of the place you are visiting.  Though spontaneity may sound adventurous and exciting, it is always best to go prepared. Having travel informants is important since they would provide you with all the relevant travel information: Accommodation expenses, food, transportation, best hangouts and “must see”.

WANDERLUSTFUL SIGHTS is looking at assisting people who wish to travel round Ghana and Togo by providing the information needed about vacation spots, restaurants, hotels, galleries and pubs. In time, we will also provide these services internationally.

Wanderlustful Sights will also share with you the history of the town and cities; the culture of the people and how to enjoy your time in the places we would be recommending. So brace up whiles Wanderlustful Sight gives you the best tips on how to enjoy your vacation.