How To Plan Your Baecation

Baecations are meant to be awesome as it is a period where couples choose to indulge in each other through pampering, spa treats, shopping, wine tasting, nice dinners while exploring new territories. That is why it is important for you and your bae to plan this vacation carefully so you can get the best experience you both want and deserve. As you and your bae have been together a while, you should know each other’s likes and dislikes by now. You must also know how to compromise because baecations are all about doing what will make you two happy in a different land or while on the road.

If you are looking to get away with bae, here is how to go about your plans to ensure a happy time for the both of you.


Discuss your goals

You and bae have already agreed on the time of the year that is suitable for this baecation. The next step is to discuss your goals. What are you looking to achieve on this trip? What are you both seeking? Are you travelling for an adventure? A relaxation? Are you travelling to bond? Knowing your goals and the type of experience you are seeking will help you decide on your destination and budget.


Agree on your budget

What is your budget? You two have to agree on the budget for the trip to prevent any unpleasant surprises. You have to know how much you are both willing to spend on flights, activities, accommodation, other transportation, food, shopping etc. Make sure you are both on the same page and if either of you want to do something extra, you should discuss and then carry extra cash.


Choose your destination

Now that you have decided on your goals and budget, the next step is to choose your destination. Choosing your destination is all about compromise. You two have to consider each other’s likes and dislikes and then agree on the best place to travel to. This way both of you will be happy and the trip will be mad fun.


Book your flights and accommodation

What is your means of getting to the destination? Is it by flight? Then book it early at a time when deals are super affordable. Are you going on a cruise ship? Then book it quickly! Is it going to be a road trip? Then make the necessary reservations ahead of time. Same applies to your accommodation. Decide on the type of accommodation (hotel, B&B, Airbnb homes) suitable for the trip and book it. Do not wait till the last minute!


Prepare your itinerary

Though it is great to be flexible, it would be best you have an itinerary to guide you throughout your trip. You would not have to follow it step by step but it will give you a fair idea of what you want to do, see and where to visit. You would not want to come back home without achieving your baecation goals.


Create your packing and check list

In order not to forget any essential items, it would be best to create a packing and checklist to monitor you and bae’s progress. The checklist will keep you in check and make sure you have done all you need to do before the trip. The packing list will make sure you have all the items you will need during your trip. It would be really sad to go on that without your favourite bikini.


Bonus Tip:

Share the planning workload

Since you are going on this baecation together, be sure to each contribute to the planning workload. Whoever is the creative and adventurous one in the relationship can take charge of coming up with fun-filled activities that would interest you both. The organized one in the relationship can take charge of booking the flights, accommodations and preparing the itinerary.

The couple who plan together, stay together. Plan this baecation together and have fun!

Featured Image: Woman Beyond Borders


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