Planning your Travel Budget

So you have finally decided on your holiday / vacation spot and decided on your mode of transportation from home to your destination. That is great! As you prepare for your trip however, do not forget to plan a budget for the following.


Other transportation

Getting to your destination has been taken care of but have you thought of the transportation within? If not, then put some money aside for boats, trains, rental cars, parking, bus or taxi.



It is not only about getting there. It is also about where you will be laying your head each night. Will you be staying in a hotel, b&b or an Airbnb home? Book accommodations in advance to save time, expenses and help you plan your budget accurately.



If you are staying in an Airbnb home, then you have to decide whether you will be cooking or eating from local restaurants. If you will be making your own meals, then you have to locate the local grocery store and purchase what you will need. Enquire about local eateries even before you leave home – that is if you will be eating out. If you are staying in a hotel or b&b, then make sure that breakfast is included in your accommodation fee.



Will you be going on any tours during your vacation? Are there any entrance fees for museums, parks, safaris or other attractions? Do you plan on doing something more expensive like skydiving, island hopping, scuba diving or a hot air balloon ride? Add these travel costs to your budget and make sure you know what is and is not included.



Do you like to shop when you travel? If you only buy a few postcards and souvenirs, then you will not need to budget much here. But if you are going on a shopping spree, leave yourself plenty of room in your travel budget.



Always have extra cash for medicine, miscellaneous expenses or ticket change fee.


It is always a good idea to track your travel spending. This will help you know how much you spend while you travel and also keep you in check so you do not go broke in a foreign land. 


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