Christmas Gift List – Late Edition

A Christmas Gift List that comes out less than a week before Christmas you say? Preposterous you say? Surely all have completed their gift shopping with varied degrees of success!


What we have here is a list of non-personalised gifts that are good enough to save you but general enough that you don’t need to think much when deciding about them.

Hampers – A true standing tradition in Ghana, hampers are especially a standard among corporations and every year shops nationwide roll out their selections. However, my pick for Hamper of the Year is the Marina Mall Supermarket. Ranging from the extravagant to moderate, there is something for everyone in their collection. An honourable mention goes to All Pure Nature at the Marina Mall with their hamper of all-natural beauty products and to Farmer’s Market located in Tema, Comm.11 (I believe they also have a branch in Labone, not sure though) with their beautiful fruit hamper, pricey but beautiful.

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Gifts Sets – While not as large as hampers, gift sets are still a good option. While bath sets are nice unless you are absolutely sure of the recipients tastes best go for the chocolate/biscuit sets. This year’s winner, by a mile, is Evergreen. They truly brought the A-game this year, with some of their sets in such lovely packaging that wrapping them up further should be considered a crime. With prices ranging from moderately high to just plain moderate, you cannot go wrong here. Honourable mention goes to Maxmart.


 Books – As an avid bibliophile, it is my sacred duty to present this option. Don’t have time to find a bookstore or don’t think they would want to tote around a heavy book. Do they have a smartphone? If yes, who are we kidding? It’s yes, there is a marvellous new invention called e-books. Get some. Or if you have money to spend, get them a kindle.


Gift Vouchers – Reached your absolute limit and don’t know what to do, then these are for you. Most major malls have some so go in and ask. Too lazy to do that? Put some money in an envelope with a Christmas card, more practical anyway.



So that’s it for my Christmas Gift List – Late Edition, got any ideas I missed? Write them in the comments.


Cosmos out.


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