1 Visa Free South American Country for Ghanaian Citizens

As Ecuador is the only country in South America that you can visit visa free (other than Bolivia and Guyana which are visa upon arrival), you must make good use of the 90 visa free days to explore every inch on this country and indulge in all the Latino way of living. Ecuador is a wildly diverse country and due to its compact size, a lot can be done and experienced in a short period. This country has everything for those seeking an adventure and for those who want a relaxing experience.

For the adventure seekers, you can;

Discover the lofty town of Zaruma hidden in the highlands of El Oro.

Climb the snow-capped volcanoes

Go on a downhill mountain biking on Cotopaxi Volcano which is the second tallest volcano in Ecuador (also one of the world’s tallest active volcano)

Go backpacking to Quito to see Mitad del Mundo (Middle of the World)

Explore the Amazon Jungle where you can get upclose and personal with exotic wildlife only found in the rainforest and learn about the indigenous people who call the region their home. Then go for whitewater rafting at Tena.

Trek the Quilotoa Loop where you can get a picturesque view of Laguna Quilotoa (a crater lake which also offers amazing views of a nearby volcano on clear days.)

Ride a train through the Devil’s Nose where you get the opportunity to go an an adrenaline filled journey while gasping at the jungle and the lofty Andes above.

Get wet and wild in Banos which is the self-proclaimed adventure capital of Ecuador. In banos, you can climb the Tunguragua Volcano; go for whitewater rafting, cannoning, paragliding, hot springs, waterfall tours, mountain biking and bridge swings.

Get wonderfully lost at the isolated province of Loja .

Visit Chimborazo where you will see the farthest point from the earth’s centre and a massive volcano in the Andes.

Learn to surf in Montanita

Go hiking in the Valley of Longevity at Vilcabamba
For those seeking a relaxing experience, you can;

Explore the lofty capital Quito which is scattered across a spectacular valley and surrounded by snow-capped volcanoes.

Cruise around the Galapagos Islands and tour the islands Charles Robert Darwin developed his evolution theory; go swimming with sea lions; learn the genealogy of the formation of the volcanic island chain,

Go shopping at Otavalo Market which is the largest in South America and the less touristy market of Saqisili for an authentic slice of local life.

Take a walk in Cuenca’s Historic City Centre which is Ecuador’s third largest city. This city is filled with dozen churches and one monumental cathedral.

See Ecuador’s largest Incan ruins at the mounds of Cochasqui which shows evidence of a sophisticated irrigation and diplomacy among the ancient builders.

Go for an otherworldly swim at La Grietas (the Cracks)

Enjoy some sun at Ecuador’s beautiful beaches – North Seymour Island in the Galapagos, Tortuga Bay at Santa Cruz Island in the Galpagos, Panorama at Rabida (Jervis) Island; Floreana at Charles or Santa Maria Island, Silver Island, Salinas, Muisne, Playas, Punta Carnero etc.

Visit the Tulcan Municipal Cemetery for a jaw-dropping topiary wonderland.

While in Ecuador, you can also use the opportunity to learn Spanish. Quito provides excellent schools and classes to help you master the language. You can either have a one-on-one or group tuition.


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