3 Visa Free Australia and Oceania Countries for Ghanaian Citizens

From my previous post on visa free travel opportunities for Ghanaian citizens, here are the countries in Australia and Oceania where Ghanaians can visit visa free.


Fiji – Fiji is the ideal place for any type of vacation especially family as Fijians see children as pure joy and not an obligation or infringement. The minute the Fijians realise you are a family, you are given a preferential treatment right from the get-go. It may sound bias but well, it is their country and their beliefs. So back to what you can do in Fiji. Depending on the purpose of your visit, you can either choose to just chill-out in your resort or go out on a cruise to explore the beautiful island. You can start with a charter boat where you can pay for a full day or multi day trip to discover the real Fiji which is made up of 300 islands and a water so warm and inviting you can laze around in it for hours. You can explore the remote villages and islands where you get to experience first-hand the rich culture of the Fijians. You can try the following activities;

  • Go diving on Beqa Island where you will see the soft coral of Fiji made up of ghost pipefish, seahorses, blue ribbon eels, pelagics and many more. Other than the underwater sightseeing, you can also visit the Sawau tribe where you can witness a fire-walking ceremony – warriors treading over burning embers from an earth oven.
  • Hike the Falls of Taveuni which is located at Taveuni Island (Fiji’s Garden of Eden). This place hosts rare orchids, prehistoric tree ferns, tumbling waterfall and natural water slides. Also there is the Tavoro waterfalls, a 60 foot horsetail of white water that cascades into an emerald pool.
  • Take a trip to forested foothills of Sabeto Range where late actor Raymond Burr (of Perry Mason fame) created the Garden of the Sleeping Giant; a botanical sanctuary of vanilla scented orchids and zen-like lily ponds. You can also stay in one of their Fijian-style bungalow called bures which is made up of glass walls and tent-like roofs. The feeling there is blissfully remote but only 15 minutes away from downtown Nadi (a city in Fiji’s mainland).
  • Sample the culture in Nadi: go on an open-air souvenir market then explore the country’s indian legacy at Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami Temple. Finish up your tour with an Indo-Fijian feast of fresh fish curry spiced roti at Curry House.
  • Take a helicopter tour from Nadi International Airport and flyover Mamancua Islands.
  • Go for a night or two stay at Likuliku Lagoon Resort, home to Fiji’s only overwater huts. Take a bath, brush your teeth or read a book over water.
  • Discover world’s unique pearls in the pristine waters of Savusavu Bay.
  • Drink kava on the island of Vanua Levu: this island is Fiji’s second largest and has a more rural atmosphere with beautiful beaches and resorts. It is also a great place to see traditional village life. With a tour of Nukubaluvu Village, you will take part in a gift-giving ceremony, followed by kava drinking then a wild traditional dance.
  • You can also go fishing; get lost on Matangi Island; indulge in all watersports; hunt Lairo crab on Qamea; couple up on Turtle Island etc.

There is just so much you can do at Fiji and having a 4-month visa free permit is just what you will need.


Micronesia – this country is now one of the most favoured paces to visit in Australia and Oceania. Travellers from all over the world come here for the beautiful beaches, remarkable dive sites and the island cultures. Each of the country’s four states has its own unique identity and the small islands also offers some amazing natural wonders in the world like tropical rainforests, mountains, Turk Lagoon’s dive spots and stunning water cascades on the largest island of Pohnpei. In Micronesia, you can go for scuba diving; explore wrecks in the Turk Lagoon; shark diving for the adrenaline seekers; reef diving; eco adventures in Kosrae; off-road excursions and canoeing; mountain biking, hiking and cycling; water-based activities like fishing, kayaking and kite surfing; island hopping and exploring old villages; bathing beneath Pohnpei’s magnificent waterfalls; see mythical creatures at Pwudoi Sanctuary; settle down in your own shoreline paradise at the tree-hemmed shores around Kosrae; stay the night at Black Coral Island which is untouched by the modern hand; strike out with a baseball game; tour the states’ historical sites; visit the remains of Micronesia’s colonial past; visit the Venice of Micronesia called Nan Madol etc.


Vanuatu – it could be because these country is also in Oceania as the activities undertaken in Micronesia are similar to those of Vanuatu. This country is scattered with 90 plus island archipelago where you can hike up a crater to stare down into a magma-filled active volcano then ashboard backdown; snorkel in a blue hole and drink kava with the local village chief in one day. Though the country was slammed by Cyclone Pam in 2015, they people of Vanuatu are still laidback and take life in smiling strides. In Vanuatu you can;

  • Drive a dune buggy on an off-road tour where you get to follow a leader in a convoy as you power along a black sand beach through forest tracks by way of some local villages.
  • Gasp at Naghol – a land dive ceremony which involves men diving from 100m high towers with only vines tied around their ankles. The Naghol is the celebration of the yam festival and is a fertility rite for men.
  • Seek out Hideaway Island Marine Sanctuary where they provide excellent offshore snorkelling, a fine restaurant and the underwater post office as well as their snorkel safari and scuba dives.
  • Wreck diving at Espiritu Santo Island. Snorkelling is the best for Vanuatu’s scenic islands.
  • Spot dolphins from your sailboat: set sail in search of dolphins aboard the Coongoola which also takes passengers to the turtle sanctuary on Tranquility Island (Moso) for a beach barbecue and snorkelling.
  • Haul a catch with deep-sea fishing in the South Pacific for tuna, swordfish, marlin and wahoo. For smaller catches reef fishing, boats depart from Port Villa Harbour.
  • Try the national dish at the Mama’s Market; understand local traditions at Ekasup Cultural Village; unearth history at the Secret Garden; view Vanuatu from a helicopter above etc.

It takes a little time, effort and a healthy sense of adventure to explore Vanuatu’s islands but it is definitely worth every bit of it. and since you have 30 visa free days, you can take your sweet sweet time exploring every inch of Vanuatu.

So here are the 3 visa free countries in Australia and Oceania. Next Wednesday, I will be sharing with you visa free countries in North America.


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