When a Moon hits your Eye like a Big Pizza Pie

…that’s amore. Or you’re hallucinating pizza. Anyway, it’s been a while since I’ve done a 5 places list, so to make this list special I’m going to be recommending one of my favourite dishes; pizza.

Papa’s Pizza – In short; great pizza. No joke, the pizza here is great, the prices are fine, and non-pork eaters they list out what pizzas don’t have pork and it’s a pretty decent selection. However, one issue: depending on what branch is close to you, you may want to order to go. My issue is with the new Tema branch, their seating area is outside beside the road with nothing preventing others from walking through or glancing in.

Pizza hut – A famous pizza chain which recently came to Ghana. I have zero complaints about the pizza, although I do question putting Feta cheese on a pizza but to each his own. I’ve been told that they don’t use pork products but you may want to confirm that. Sides look great too, I really want to try the cheesy garlic twist. On an unrelated note, if you’re at their branch on the hospital road in Tema, there is building behind them with a restaurant called Mos Bar B Q; go there, order the boneless chicken meal and tell me what you think.

Pizza Inn –  This is basically the staple when it comes to pizza in Ghana and I’ll say it, it’s a decent enough pie but that’s not why they’re so famous. Pizza Inn is famous for Terrific Tuesdays, it used to be that on Tuesdays for every pizza you buy you get one free but while no longer in place you still a pretty sweet discount on pizza on Tuesdays.

Eddy’s Pizza – Their pizza is not going to win any awards, their crust being entirely too sweet, however still worth going for the experience alone. Furnished like a classic, if a little run down, Italian restaurant it certain make a pleasant stay and they staff more than make up for whatever the pizza lacks.

Bassilisa – Right off the bat, I don’t like this place. Just the thought of their shawarma makes me cringe. However, their pizza is probably one of the few edible things on the menu. Not the best in town but a decent meal nonetheless.

And that’s that. Leave a comment where you’d like us to go and as always…
Cosmos out


Burger & Relish

As with all food lovers, I always find the highest quality for optimum satisfaction and often quality comes with a high price:

Located in Osu and East Legon, Burger and Relish is hailed Ghana’s first gourmet burger restaurant and it truly lives up to its name.

Decorated in rustic pub deco, this place is certainly an eye pleaser and the art hanging on its walls enough to entice NJB’s kleptomania. There are board games available for use at your discretion, which is a great way to avoid awkward silence at a family outing or to break the ice on a first date.

I really like the small details; like the fact that if you’re trying to eat a little healthier, you can trade your fries for a salad or the bun of your burger for a lettuce wrap. Also, if you order a bottle of beer the glass/beer mug is chilled beforehand; it’s great little detail which reminds me of the warming of the tea ware in traditional tea ceremonies.  

The food itself is divine with a simple presentation. You have a great choice of burgers and there’s even an option for vegetarians. If you’re not into burgers, then there’s also a lot of fun stuff for you to try. Desserts are great and I highly recommend the brownie with ice-cream. They also have a nice variety of alcoholic cocktails as well as non-alcoholic juices. The service is excellent and the staff extremely welcoming. However, their prices are on the high side but if you can afford it then this place is a must.

Cosmos out

1 Visa Free South American Country for Ghanaian Citizens

As Ecuador is the only country in South America that you can visit visa free (other than Bolivia and Guyana which are visa upon arrival), you must make good use of the 90 visa free days to explore every inch on this country and indulge in all the Latino way of living. Ecuador is a wildly diverse country and due to its compact size, a lot can be done and experienced in a short period. This country has everything for those seeking an adventure and for those who want a relaxing experience.

For the adventure seekers, you can;

Discover the lofty town of Zaruma hidden in the highlands of El Oro.

Climb the snow-capped volcanoes

Go on a downhill mountain biking on Cotopaxi Volcano which is the second tallest volcano in Ecuador (also one of the world’s tallest active volcano)

Go backpacking to Quito to see Mitad del Mundo (Middle of the World)

Explore the Amazon Jungle where you can get upclose and personal with exotic wildlife only found in the rainforest and learn about the indigenous people who call the region their home. Then go for whitewater rafting at Tena.

Trek the Quilotoa Loop where you can get a picturesque view of Laguna Quilotoa (a crater lake which also offers amazing views of a nearby volcano on clear days.)

Ride a train through the Devil’s Nose where you get the opportunity to go an an adrenaline filled journey while gasping at the jungle and the lofty Andes above.

Get wet and wild in Banos which is the self-proclaimed adventure capital of Ecuador. In banos, you can climb the Tunguragua Volcano; go for whitewater rafting, cannoning, paragliding, hot springs, waterfall tours, mountain biking and bridge swings.

Get wonderfully lost at the isolated province of Loja .

Visit Chimborazo where you will see the farthest point from the earth’s centre and a massive volcano in the Andes.

Learn to surf in Montanita

Go hiking in the Valley of Longevity at Vilcabamba
For those seeking a relaxing experience, you can;

Explore the lofty capital Quito which is scattered across a spectacular valley and surrounded by snow-capped volcanoes.

Cruise around the Galapagos Islands and tour the islands Charles Robert Darwin developed his evolution theory; go swimming with sea lions; learn the genealogy of the formation of the volcanic island chain,

Go shopping at Otavalo Market which is the largest in South America and the less touristy market of Saqisili for an authentic slice of local life.

Take a walk in Cuenca’s Historic City Centre which is Ecuador’s third largest city. This city is filled with dozen churches and one monumental cathedral.

See Ecuador’s largest Incan ruins at the mounds of Cochasqui which shows evidence of a sophisticated irrigation and diplomacy among the ancient builders.

Go for an otherworldly swim at La Grietas (the Cracks)

Enjoy some sun at Ecuador’s beautiful beaches – North Seymour Island in the Galapagos, Tortuga Bay at Santa Cruz Island in the Galpagos, Panorama at Rabida (Jervis) Island; Floreana at Charles or Santa Maria Island, Silver Island, Salinas, Muisne, Playas, Punta Carnero etc.

Visit the Tulcan Municipal Cemetery for a jaw-dropping topiary wonderland.

While in Ecuador, you can also use the opportunity to learn Spanish. Quito provides excellent schools and classes to help you master the language. You can either have a one-on-one or group tuition.

11 Visa Free North American Countries for Ghanaian Citizens

When we say North America, people only think about Canada, USA and Mexico, many never see that this continent has more countries than these three. However for Ghanaian Citizens, here is the good news, you can visit the below countries visa free. It is not the USA, Canada or Mexico you so badly want to visit but for the record, these are in the same continent and hold unique stories.


Barbados – this is home of the singer and songwriter Rihanna, this country is completely surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Though it is known for its beautiful beaches, this country sure knows how to party. During the Crop Over Festival (July – August) which celebrates the ending of the local Sugar Cane Harvest, the Island’s culture is displayed in an exhibition of colour, calypso, cuisine, costumes, arts, competitions and ends with a spectacular Carnival/Kadooment parade. The island also provides activities like;

  • A family friendly Atlantis Submarines Adventure
  • Horse races at the historic Garrison Savannah
  • Meet, mingle and dance into the night to talented steel pan artists, the beautiful Carnival ladies and synergy of rhythm under the stars
  • Do a walking tour of Bridgetown
  • Visit the home of sporting heritage
  • Experience a “lime” (party) at Oistins Fish Fry which is held every Friday and Saturday
  • Visit the Queen’s Park and see the magnificent Baobab Tree
  • Soak up the Plantation history at the Sunbury Plantation House in the tranquil St. Philip countryside
  • Visit charming Arlington House at Speightstown and interact with the locals
  • Enjoy the surfer’s heaven at East Coast Waves
  • Water sports and more water sports



Belize – when people think of visiting North America, Belize is not on top of their list that is if it even makes it to the list but why not give it a chance? This country in Central America has a unique mixture of Caribbean crystal clear blue waters, best diving and snorkeling on the second largest barrier reef in the world. This country was also home to a couple of different ancient Mayan cities and cultures. This means you will get the chance to see the Mayan ruins, caves and tropical jungles. Before I forget, Belize is the only country in Central America where English is an official language, due to British influence so you wouldn’t have to struggle with Spanish and try sign languages to make your request known. In Belize, you can also;

  • Tour downtown Belize City on a locally made minivan
  • Visit the Maya Ruins and Temples
  • Take a hike: biking through the rainforest
  • Visit Dangriga (Belize’s culture capital – birth place of the world-famous Punta Rock music genre) and Hopkins Village (marvellous beach and a way laid back village style atmosphere)
  • Visit the Jaguar Preserve (Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary) and the Belize Zoo.
  • Visit the Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave at Caves Branch
  • Dive the Great Blue Hole of Belize
  • Learn about the Belizean history at Museum of Belize
  • Dive or snorkel with Whale Sharks
  • As Belize has over 200 islands, you can go island hopping and enjoy their fine gourmet restaurants, wines, clubbing and the finer things in life. The biggest island where you can find these are Ambergis Caye, Caye Caulker and the Placenia Peninsula in the south.
  • Learn how to make delicious Belizeans Tamales
  • Go on a Kayaking trip
  • Beaches, beaches and more beaches.



Dominica – discover the nature island of the Caribbean with its unspoiled paradise for divers, hikers and naturalists. This country is the largest of the Windward and known for its dramatic volcanic landscapes with the highest mountains in the Eastern Caribbean, lush rainforests, waterfalls, lakes, gorges, rivers, steamy hot springs and a rugged coastline with rocky black-sand beaches which are good for snorkeling or diving. Dominica is a fusion of British, French and West Indian cultures – this means experiencing diverse food, art, languages and customs. As you have 6 months visa free in this country, you can start with;

  • the Morne Trois Pitons National Park which consists of mountainous interior, a rainforest park, thick jungle, boiling lake, Victoria Waterfall, Trafalgar Waterfall etc.
  • the Cabrits National Park with its lush rainforest, swampland, black-sand beaches and thriving coral reefs.
  • enjoy an amazing meal at the breath-taking view of Pagua Bar & Grill.
  • a tour of the lush peaks of Roseau – capital city of Dominica with its colourful jumble of West Indian cottages, modern buildings and busy market stalls with a cool Rastafarian vibe.
  • a silent and slow boat trip on the shady mangrove-lined river of the Indian River.
  • the Papillote Tropical Gardens; which is a haven for botanists, photographers and artists.
  • the beautiful Champagne reef which is a famous dive and snorkel site.
  • Visit the Carib Territory; the largest remaining tribe of Carib Indians called the Kalinago people.
  • enjoy Dominica’s festivals which celebrates the nation’s music, heritage and ties to the sea.



Grenada – this country which is the jewel of the Caribbean consists of a hilly main island also called Grenada which is home to numerous nutmeg plantations and smaller surrounding islands. This country possesses a lot of activities that you can spend a year there without getting bored and with its official language being English, it is easier to communicate. While in Grenada you can visit some of their biggest cities which are interestingly names of Saints.

  • At St. George, you get to visit the Grenada National Museum; the St. George’s Market Square; Fort George; Christ of the Deep; The Priory; Underwater Sculpture Park; Fort Frederick; the Carenage; St. George’s Anglican Church; House of Chocolate; La Luna; go sailing and enjoy a carnival; Deep Sea Fishing; Prickly Bay Marina; Grande Anse Beach; Dragon Bay; Cycle Tour; golfing at Grenada Golf and Country Club.
  • At St. John, you can go for Fish Friday in Gouyave; Concord Falls; Mount Moritz; Saturday Morning Market; Black Bay Beach with Amerindian markings; Dougaldston Spice Estate; Mango Bay Restaurant.
  • At St. Andrew, you get to visit the Grand Etang National; Mount Qua Qua; Grenville Bay; Mahot Beach; Royal Mt. Carmel Waterfalls.
  • At St. Mark, visit Bay Cottage bar; Mount St. Catherine.
  • At St. David, visit La Sagesse Beach; Whisper Cove Marina; Hog Island; Morne Gazo Forest Reserve; Bacolet Bay; Petit Bacolet Beach; Laura’s Spice Garden;Ronda’s Ice Cream; St. David’s Point; Kayak Tour; Blowhole at Fort Jeudy; Le Phare Bleu.
  • At St. Patrick, visit Belmont Estate; River Antoine Rum Distillery; Levera Beach; Carib’s Leap; Levera National Park and Bathway Beach; Lake Antoine.

You can always drive around the island. Though you might get lost many times, getting wonderfully lost should be definitely on your list.



Haiti – this is a Caribbean country that shares the island of Hispanoila with the Dominican Republic to its east. Though the country is recovering from the 2010 earthquake, many of Haiti’s landmarks remain intact. These include Citadelle la Ferriere, a mountaintop fortress and the nearby ruins of Sans-Souci Palace, the baroque former royal home of King Henry I. Since you get 3 months visa free as a Ghanaian citizen, you can also see these tourist sights – Labadee, Musee du Pantheon National Haitien, Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption, Etang Saumatre, National Museum of Haiti, Bassin Bleu, Auberge du Picolet, Grande Riviere de Jacmel, Beach La Co New York, Valou Beach, Saut-Mathurine, Chuttes de Saut d’Eau, Pic la Delle, Fort Jacques, Rival Beach, La Guinguette, Pic Macaya, Source-a-bete, Parc de Basketball de Tennis, Anse Blanche etc.



Jamaica – we all know that Jamaica is the ideal vacation spot at the Caribbean. This country has beautiful music and culture that every wanderlust wants to have a feel of. Also, its lush vision of crumpled verdant mountains dropping to slick blue seas is a naturalist and water lover’s paradise. However in order to enjoy this island to the fullest, you will have to know where to go. Here is a list of things to do in Jamaica.

  • Indulge at Fern Tree Spa at Half Moon, a Rock Resort
  • Go high at Lime tree Farm
  • Swim at Frenchman’s Cove
  • Feast on river crayfish at Soldier Camp Bar and Grill
  • Get your glow on at Glistening Waters
  • Listen to the Jolly Boys perform mento music
  • Soak in a hot tub high over Port Antonio at Geejam
  • Snorkel the cliffs along the Rockhouse
  • Have a lobster feast at Booby Cay Island
  • Taste farm-to-fork eats near Negril

Other things you can do in Jamaica is to go sightseeing / touring at Bob Marley Museum; Dolphin Cove Jamaica; James Bond Beach; National Gallery of Jamaica; White Witch of Rose Hall; Rio Grande; Doctor’s Cave Beach Club; Green Grotto Caves; Hellshire Beach; Bob Marley Mausoleum; Navy Island; Rose Hall, Montego Bay; Rainforest Bobsled Jamaica at Mystic Mountain; Couples Tower Isle; Kool Runnings Waterpark; The Turtle River Falls and Gardens; Martha Brae Rafting Village; Aqua Sol Theme Park etc.



Montserrat – this is a mountainous Caribbean island, part of the Lesser Antilles chain and a British Overseas Territory. Its Soufriere Hills volcano erupted in the 1990’s causing significant damage to the south of the island and leading the creation of an exclusion zone. The north of the island is largely unaffected and has black-sand beaches, coral reefs, cliffs and shoreline caves. This country was known as the Emerald isle of the Caribbean until the disaster which almost had the country being closed down but the support from the British government and investments by some private entities has helped sustain the island. The population is now healthy and the new Capital in Little Bay is in Development. Montserrat is popular for its interest in ecotourism, volcano tourism, hiking, bird watching, scuba diving and snorkeling. The island also has a strong appeal for those who want to experience the Caribbean the way it used to be.



Saint Kitts and Nevis – from climbing a volcano to zooming through the rainforest canopy on the Caribbean’s largest zipline, St. Kitts offers something for everyone. It has an irresistible collection of tourist attractions and it is very easy to indulge in the activities the island provides. Here are a few to keep you interested.

  • Visit the fortress on Brimstone Hill
  • Climb a volcano
  • Hike to the top of Mount Liamuiga
  • See the seascapes and enjoy the classic Caribbean beaches
  • Shell out to watch turtles
  • Find pure luxury on Oualie Beach
  • Dine at the Bananas Restaurant which has a torchlit walkway leading to the enchanting hideaway.
  • Gasp at the Black Rocks; which is a visible remnants of the historic eruptions that once spewed from the huge crater atop Mount Liamuiga
  • Ride the sugar train
  • Just relax, swim and tour the island



Saint Vincent and the Grenadines – why don’t you take a month of your busy schedule to enjoy this beautiful Caribbean island? On this island, you will find Fort Duvernette perched atop a large volcanic rock offshore from Villa, this eerie fort was constructed to defend the town of Calliaqua and affords a fantastic 360 degree views of the southern shoreline. Also there is the Saltwhistle Bay – a double crescent of beautiful beaches split by a narrow palm-tree-fringes isthmus. Then the Princess Margaret Beach which is simply divine – a lovely stretch of sand backed by a lush vegetation. Eat, drink and socialize at the famous Basil’s with its delightful open-air thatch and bamboo restaurant that extends out into Britannia Bay. Tucked away at the end of a rough road at the top of the valley above Mesopotamia is the Montreal Gardens. There are more places like the Sugar Reef Café, Fig tree, L’Auberge des Grenadines, Fort Charlotte, Chatham Bay, Bequia, La Soufriere, Canouan, Tobago Cays, Old Hegg Turtle Sancturay, Macaroni Beach, RAWACOU etc.



Trinidad and Tobago – these two gorgeous islands are full of vigour and vibrancy. Whether you are looking to reenergize yourself with a good party or get in touch with the pulse of the natural world around you, Trinidad and Tobago offer something that’s sure to jolt your system.

  • Enjoy Lime Fete in Trinidad which is a pre-carnival concert which hosts Caribbean’s biggest names in club music as well as unlimited food, drinks and entertainment then a carnival.
  • Enjoy Hindu Festivals celebrated all year round
  • Enjoy the world-famous Calypso and soca at Trinidad
  • Join the island party boat ride
  • Spend the day out on the water in Tobago
  • Sup at Pigeon Point Tobago
  • Tour the Cocoa Estate in Tobago
  • Visit Argyle Waterfalls in Tobago for a swim
  • Visit the Nylon Pool set in Tobago’s Buccoo Reef: an utterly clear, calm water, sandy and shallow stretch in the middle of the coral is like a natural swimming pool half a mile out at sea.
  • Taste Doubles – a local culinary specialty and common street food of curried chick peas between pieces of fried flat bread known as “bara”.
  • Visit Caroni Bird Sanctuary and Wetlands Tour
  • Witness Sea Turtle Hatchlings
  • Visit the National Museum and Art Gallery in Port of Spain
  • See Robinson Crusoe’s shipwreck at Tobago’s island called Crusoe’s Island

There is just so much to do at Trinidad and Tobago.



Turks and Caicos Islands – no matter what your vacation idea is, this country has something for you. The diversity of available activities makes this country a great destination for large groups who can split up during the day for activities and comes together at night to enjoy recounting their adventures. This country is a great destination for children and families. From the historical ruins to exquisite areas of natural beauty, your 30 visa free days in Turks and Caicos would be needed to explore all the beautiful sights this country has to offer. You can go diving at the world’s best scuba diving spots; snorkeling tours; stand up paddle boarding or kayaking through the Mangroves; visit Chalk Sound National Park; hit the waves; get wonderfully lost; kiteboarding lessons; conch cruise; tour the only conch farm in the world; hang out with iguanas at Little Water Cay (Iguana Island); sunbathing on Grace Bay’s White Sand Beach; Horseback Riding in the water; enjoy island fish fry; conch bar caves or middle Caicos Caves; deep sea fishing; visit Parrot Cay; visit the Turks and Caicos National Museum; watersports and more watersports.

3 Visa Free Australia and Oceania Countries for Ghanaian Citizens

From my previous post on visa free travel opportunities for Ghanaian citizens, here are the countries in Australia and Oceania where Ghanaians can visit visa free.


Fiji – Fiji is the ideal place for any type of vacation especially family as Fijians see children as pure joy and not an obligation or infringement. The minute the Fijians realise you are a family, you are given a preferential treatment right from the get-go. It may sound bias but well, it is their country and their beliefs. So back to what you can do in Fiji. Depending on the purpose of your visit, you can either choose to just chill-out in your resort or go out on a cruise to explore the beautiful island. You can start with a charter boat where you can pay for a full day or multi day trip to discover the real Fiji which is made up of 300 islands and a water so warm and inviting you can laze around in it for hours. You can explore the remote villages and islands where you get to experience first-hand the rich culture of the Fijians. You can try the following activities;

  • Go diving on Beqa Island where you will see the soft coral of Fiji made up of ghost pipefish, seahorses, blue ribbon eels, pelagics and many more. Other than the underwater sightseeing, you can also visit the Sawau tribe where you can witness a fire-walking ceremony – warriors treading over burning embers from an earth oven.
  • Hike the Falls of Taveuni which is located at Taveuni Island (Fiji’s Garden of Eden). This place hosts rare orchids, prehistoric tree ferns, tumbling waterfall and natural water slides. Also there is the Tavoro waterfalls, a 60 foot horsetail of white water that cascades into an emerald pool.
  • Take a trip to forested foothills of Sabeto Range where late actor Raymond Burr (of Perry Mason fame) created the Garden of the Sleeping Giant; a botanical sanctuary of vanilla scented orchids and zen-like lily ponds. You can also stay in one of their Fijian-style bungalow called bures which is made up of glass walls and tent-like roofs. The feeling there is blissfully remote but only 15 minutes away from downtown Nadi (a city in Fiji’s mainland).
  • Sample the culture in Nadi: go on an open-air souvenir market then explore the country’s indian legacy at Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami Temple. Finish up your tour with an Indo-Fijian feast of fresh fish curry spiced roti at Curry House.
  • Take a helicopter tour from Nadi International Airport and flyover Mamancua Islands.
  • Go for a night or two stay at Likuliku Lagoon Resort, home to Fiji’s only overwater huts. Take a bath, brush your teeth or read a book over water.
  • Discover world’s unique pearls in the pristine waters of Savusavu Bay.
  • Drink kava on the island of Vanua Levu: this island is Fiji’s second largest and has a more rural atmosphere with beautiful beaches and resorts. It is also a great place to see traditional village life. With a tour of Nukubaluvu Village, you will take part in a gift-giving ceremony, followed by kava drinking then a wild traditional dance.
  • You can also go fishing; get lost on Matangi Island; indulge in all watersports; hunt Lairo crab on Qamea; couple up on Turtle Island etc.

There is just so much you can do at Fiji and having a 4-month visa free permit is just what you will need.


Micronesia – this country is now one of the most favoured paces to visit in Australia and Oceania. Travellers from all over the world come here for the beautiful beaches, remarkable dive sites and the island cultures. Each of the country’s four states has its own unique identity and the small islands also offers some amazing natural wonders in the world like tropical rainforests, mountains, Turk Lagoon’s dive spots and stunning water cascades on the largest island of Pohnpei. In Micronesia, you can go for scuba diving; explore wrecks in the Turk Lagoon; shark diving for the adrenaline seekers; reef diving; eco adventures in Kosrae; off-road excursions and canoeing; mountain biking, hiking and cycling; water-based activities like fishing, kayaking and kite surfing; island hopping and exploring old villages; bathing beneath Pohnpei’s magnificent waterfalls; see mythical creatures at Pwudoi Sanctuary; settle down in your own shoreline paradise at the tree-hemmed shores around Kosrae; stay the night at Black Coral Island which is untouched by the modern hand; strike out with a baseball game; tour the states’ historical sites; visit the remains of Micronesia’s colonial past; visit the Venice of Micronesia called Nan Madol etc.


Vanuatu – it could be because these country is also in Oceania as the activities undertaken in Micronesia are similar to those of Vanuatu. This country is scattered with 90 plus island archipelago where you can hike up a crater to stare down into a magma-filled active volcano then ashboard backdown; snorkel in a blue hole and drink kava with the local village chief in one day. Though the country was slammed by Cyclone Pam in 2015, they people of Vanuatu are still laidback and take life in smiling strides. In Vanuatu you can;

  • Drive a dune buggy on an off-road tour where you get to follow a leader in a convoy as you power along a black sand beach through forest tracks by way of some local villages.
  • Gasp at Naghol – a land dive ceremony which involves men diving from 100m high towers with only vines tied around their ankles. The Naghol is the celebration of the yam festival and is a fertility rite for men.
  • Seek out Hideaway Island Marine Sanctuary where they provide excellent offshore snorkelling, a fine restaurant and the underwater post office as well as their snorkel safari and scuba dives.
  • Wreck diving at Espiritu Santo Island. Snorkelling is the best for Vanuatu’s scenic islands.
  • Spot dolphins from your sailboat: set sail in search of dolphins aboard the Coongoola which also takes passengers to the turtle sanctuary on Tranquility Island (Moso) for a beach barbecue and snorkelling.
  • Haul a catch with deep-sea fishing in the South Pacific for tuna, swordfish, marlin and wahoo. For smaller catches reef fishing, boats depart from Port Villa Harbour.
  • Try the national dish at the Mama’s Market; understand local traditions at Ekasup Cultural Village; unearth history at the Secret Garden; view Vanuatu from a helicopter above etc.

It takes a little time, effort and a healthy sense of adventure to explore Vanuatu’s islands but it is definitely worth every bit of it. and since you have 30 visa free days, you can take your sweet sweet time exploring every inch of Vanuatu.

So here are the 3 visa free countries in Australia and Oceania. Next Wednesday, I will be sharing with you visa free countries in North America.