Freeing Africa

Have any of you played room escape games online? If you have, good for you. If not here’s the premises; you find yourself in a room with a locked door, you must search the room to find various items, puzzles, and clues. Then through a combination of logic, sheer dumb luck, and, let’s be honest, the walk-through that one dude posted in the comments because he is the real MVP; open the door and get out of that place. Doesn’t that sound like fun!
Any who, among those who know these games some may know that sometime ago some companies decided to turn these games into an actual physical game. And I’m not talking about VR. One of these, Freeing Africa, is in Accra. It’s located on the top level of the MaxMart Shopping Centre opposite Golden Tulip Hotel, Accra.
The rate at the time was 50 cedis per head. There are three rooms to choose from, each with a different difficulty level and you have 50 minutes, I think, to get out. Now the rule is you have to go in a group but I was able to convince / beg the guys there to let me take the easiest level alone; so they handcuffed me and tossed me into a dark room. It was awesome!
I’d tell you more but I’ve been told that most people don’t like spoilers. So just grab a bunch of friends and go check it out.
Till the next time,
Cosmos out.

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