Breakfast at Cafe Mondo

Who likes cooking on a Saturday morning? People who did not have an epic Friday night, that’s who! And while I generally spend my Friday nights like the metaphorical cat-behind-the-couch, last Friday was awesome! I mean it was…wait, what were we talking about? Oh yeah, breakfast on a Saturday! Needless to say, my friends and I did not want to cook however we did want to eat. Solution; Cafe Mondo at the A&C Mall.

I liked the place even before I put coffee in my system which is something noteworthy. My self-impression of Frankenstein’s monster aside, the place really was great. The service given was great and the PR/HR manager is very helpful. All staff in the restaurant are attentive and ready to assist you.

The cafe latte was excellent, no complaints. I decided to try the Ham & Cheese omelette. Presentation was excellent and the omelette was delicious. They had a variety of omelet for vegetarians and the meat lovers. Their juices and smoothies are creative and tasty.

A note of caution about the juice, it’s blended fresh for you. So even if it looks a bit off to you, it’s a great deal healthier.


Cosmos out


4 thoughts on “Breakfast at Cafe Mondo

      1. I love trying cafè like these so if I’ll ever be there (which I hope!) I’ll definitely check it out 😉
        Oh thank you very much! 🙂


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