For the Meat Lovers

I like to indulge in guilty pleasures so when Mary suggested an early dinner at the Steakhouse in Accra Mall, Vera and I jumped in. After all, a couple of calories wouldn’t hurt, would it? Would it???

The Steakhouse is pretty simple, serene and nice with friendly workers who ushered us in with a smile. We ordered our meals from the counter and waited as it was prepared in front of us.

Though I am adventurous with food, I was very hungry and did not want to waste any food so I asked Mary to recommend a meal since she had been there before. She recommended the triple cheese threat and I went for it. It is cheese, cheese and more cheese, nothing can go wrong with cheese, can it? The smell of the steak was delicious and I was certain I was going to have a great meal. What added to my thrill was the fact that I could choose my own toppings. I went for tomatoes, green pepper, lettuce, pickles, sour cream and steak sauce. As I bit into my steak sandwich, the melted cheese trickled on my tongue and I was certain I knew how Heaven tasted like. So I wasn’t disappointed though I expected more cheese than was given.

Mary who had had most of the meals in the Steakhouse decided to go for the Sirloin steak and from her empty plate and look of satisfaction on her face, I could tell she enjoyed her meal. For her toppings, she requested for jalapenos, jalapenos and more jalapenos which was a bit unnerving since some of us cannot handle our pepper. Girl ate her steak as if it was filled with just tomatoes. Impressive!

Vera decided to play it safe as always and went for the Original Philly Cheese steak and this is her comment;

While quite delicious, it had no real wow factor. However it’s size and packaging make for an ideal ‘on the go‘ meal. What I really liked was that we were able to pick out  the other fixings as well as the sauce for the sandwiches ourselves.

So there you have it meat lovers. When you have a minute, indulge in some guilty pleasures but remember to work it all off later…







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