Finally… Takoradi!!!

I have been to all the regional capitals in Ghana except Sunyani and Takoradi. So over the Republic holiday, I planned a trip to Takoradi with friends. The trip was supposed to be with a larger group but due to some circumstances, only 6 people were able to make it.

We had planned on leaving Accra at 10:00am but were delayed and got stuck in traffic. This made the trip rather unpleasant; the several stops we made on the way did not help much. The journey seemed long and endless and by the time we got to Takoradi, we were all cranky and tired.

Checking in at Okatakyie Hotel was a relief after the 4 hour drive and the serene atmosphere at the hotel added to my joy. In my itinerary, we had an activity upon arrival but due to the unpleasant trip, we all ended up in our beds until we got hungry. The others were in the mood for some fufu and headed towards an amazing eatery recommended by Takoradi Guru Albert while Dee and I went to the Atlantic Hotel with John.

At the Atlantic hotel:

Well, they were right about the Atlantic hotel. It is indeed beautiful and great for vacationers who have more to spend. They however have nothing on the Royal Nick Hotel when it comes to the reception area. The Royal Nick Hotel’s reception is rather fancy.

We went down to the canoe bar and restaurant for food and drinks. The menu was packed but it somehow seemed empty since there were not many varieties. I settled for a mezze platter (hummus, salad, pita bread, lamb, beef and chicken) which was 35.00 Cedis. Dee settled for Quarter chicken and rice which was 45.00 Cedis. While we waited for our meals, we ordered nonalcoholic cocktails which were on point. Across the bar was live jazz music which blended beautifully with the serene atmosphere of the bar.

After a while, our meals arrived steamy hot. John and Dee were shocked by my choice of food and were hoping I would puke. I told them I had had this meal before and there was no chance that was going to happen. I delved into my hummus and immediately regretted my choice of food.


Advice to you all:

If you want to eat an indigenous food of a country, go to a restaurant owned by that group of people.

After dinner, we moved to the Paragon Bar & Grill where I was shocked to find out that they do not serve cocktails. However the waitress made me an amazing ice-cream and Baileys drink which was delicious.

So my first night in Takoradi was not bad afterall.





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