Something for the Science Freaks

If you are visiting Ghana or plan on visiting Ghana or live in Ghana and you have a thing for astronomy, then I will recommend the Ghana Planetarium Science Centre which is situated at Cantonments, Accra.

The Ghana Planetarium Science Centre which was opened on 22nd January 2009 was an outreach project by David Weinrich to help support astronomy educators in developing countries. This planetarium is managed by the delightful Dr. Jacob O. Ashong (PhD (Lond), MSc (Lond), MIBiol, CBiol, FRSTM&H.) and his wife Jane (BA Hons (Graphics), BA Hons (Educ. Psychol.), MBA (Leicester)).

Upcoming Event:

Event:                  Kavli Fulldome Lecture Series

Topic:                    From the Big Bang to the Multiverse and beyond

Speakers:            Dr. Michael Turner (Director of the Kavli Institute of Cosmological Physics)

                                Bruce V. (Professor at the University of Chicago)

                                Diana M. Rauner (Professor at the University of Chicago)

Date:                     31st July 2016

Time:                     3:45pm (lecture)

                                5:00pm to 6:00pm (conversations with Dr. Michael Turner in Space          Visualization Lab)

Ticket fee:           10.00 Cedis (general admission); 5.00 Cedis (students)

                                To purchase ticket, visit

About Lecture: 

We know the Universe began 13.7 billion years ago in an explosion of space called the big bang. We also know that the gravity of dark matter created the galaxies and other cosmic structures we see today from tiny quantum fluctuations that arose just after the big bang. Yet some big questions remain. Is our universe part of a larger multiverse? What is the cause of the speed up of expansion of the Universe? These are the mysteries that inspire cosmologists today.  In a dazzling, full-dome presentation, this presentation will illustrate what we know and how we know it, as well as the big ideas and puzzles of cosmology today.

So if you are available this Sunday, then by all means you should pass by the Planetarium to learn more about our galaxy.


Contact details of the Ghana Planetarium Science Centre:

12 Osu Avenue Extension, Cantonments, Accra (on the road behind Christ The King Church & School and behind Police Flats).

Tel: 00233 302 769 204 / 00233 302 770 600 / 0244 341 314


Finally… Takoradi!!!

I have been to all the regional capitals in Ghana except Sunyani and Takoradi. So over the Republic holiday, I planned a trip to Takoradi with friends. The trip was supposed to be with a larger group but due to some circumstances, only 6 people were able to make it.

We had planned on leaving Accra at 10:00am but were delayed and got stuck in traffic. This made the trip rather unpleasant; the several stops we made on the way did not help much. The journey seemed long and endless and by the time we got to Takoradi, we were all cranky and tired.

Checking in at Okatakyie Hotel was a relief after the 4 hour drive and the serene atmosphere at the hotel added to my joy. In my itinerary, we had an activity upon arrival but due to the unpleasant trip, we all ended up in our beds until we got hungry. The others were in the mood for some fufu and headed towards an amazing eatery recommended by Takoradi Guru Albert while Dee and I went to the Atlantic Hotel with John.

At the Atlantic hotel:

Well, they were right about the Atlantic hotel. It is indeed beautiful and great for vacationers who have more to spend. They however have nothing on the Royal Nick Hotel when it comes to the reception area. The Royal Nick Hotel’s reception is rather fancy.

We went down to the canoe bar and restaurant for food and drinks. The menu was packed but it somehow seemed empty since there were not many varieties. I settled for a mezze platter (hummus, salad, pita bread, lamb, beef and chicken) which was 35.00 Cedis. Dee settled for Quarter chicken and rice which was 45.00 Cedis. While we waited for our meals, we ordered nonalcoholic cocktails which were on point. Across the bar was live jazz music which blended beautifully with the serene atmosphere of the bar.

After a while, our meals arrived steamy hot. John and Dee were shocked by my choice of food and were hoping I would puke. I told them I had had this meal before and there was no chance that was going to happen. I delved into my hummus and immediately regretted my choice of food.


Advice to you all:

If you want to eat an indigenous food of a country, go to a restaurant owned by that group of people.

After dinner, we moved to the Paragon Bar & Grill where I was shocked to find out that they do not serve cocktails. However the waitress made me an amazing ice-cream and Baileys drink which was delicious.

So my first night in Takoradi was not bad afterall.




A Scoop or Two

So we’ve talked about coffee but you know what I think goes perfectly with coffee? Ice-cream!!! Whether you enjoy it with a hot cup of goodness or on its own, this treat is always a welcome respite from the heat of the day. But I’m not talking about the store bought kind, delicious though it maybe, no I’m talking about going out and ordering a twirl or a scoop. So here are my thoughts on some of the places I’ve been to:

KFC: In terms of ice-cream, you cannot go wrong with KFC. I have tried their twirl and their sundae and loved them both. NJB raves about their crushers. I really can’t say much else other than go try it for yourself.

Burger & Relish: I LOVE this place and will write a full review on it but that’s for another day. Now NJB and I visited this place sometime ago with friends and after a wonderful meal decided to order dessert. One of the options was a brownie with either vanilla or peanut butter ice cream. Unsure of the latter, we ordered the vanilla to be on the safe side however there was a mishap in the kitchen and we were given the peanut butter. We thought it would be bad. We were wrong. Wanna know how good it was? I reminded NJB about it this morning and she made a sound that was not human. That’s how good it was.

Creamy Inn: Sitting between its more popular cousins Chicken Inn and Pizza Inn, Creamy Inn kind of just sits there. However those who do go up to their counter know that they serve a decent ice cream nonetheless.

Nominom: Okay let’s set this straight right off the bat: Nominom does not serve ice cream, they serve frozen yogurt. However it is a delicious alternative to those who prefer a healthier option. Word of caution though, flavors are very specific so not everything may suit your taste-buds. I personally recommend the blueberry.

Papaye: Papaye has been around for a while now and they will be around for a long time to come. Their ice cream isn’t bad either. Both their vanilla and chocolate are really good. NJB and I are not really fans of their mixed ice cream but that’s just a personal preference so don’t let it stop you from trying it out.

So that’s my list for today, do you have anyplace you’d like me to check out?

Till the next time….


Cosmos out.