On the Go

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In recent times, I have often found myself with little time to sit down to eat a proper lunch; a problem which I am sure is shared by many of you. And of course we do what we have to do and make do with quick meals on the go. However as with everything else, we often have to shift through a lot of the subpar to find something worthwhile and I am no exception. So here are a few of the places that I have visited:

Shoprite: No matter who you are, if you live in Ghana, you’ve probably heard of the Shoprite stores. And while they do have quite the decent collection of rice and stews, our focus is on their salads and sandwiches. Packaged to facilitate easy consumption, these are God-sent to me. A personal favorite is their potato and egg salad.

Barcelos (Accra Mall): Barcelos is always a great place to go for a meal but I’d like to talk about their Accra Mall branch or more specifically the bakery also found on their premises and to be even more precise, their pies. My go-to pie, the beef and vegetable pie, never disappoints after being heated up by the ladies behind the counter. What’s your go-to pie.

Vida E Cafe: Vida E has been on my coffee to-do list for quite sometime now (but I do hope to put a check in that box soon) however I have had the pleasure of sampling two of their sandwiches. The first was chicken sandwich shared with NBJ and I have to say it was quite delicious. A bit more recently, I purchased a croissant with ham and cheese from the Junction Mall branch. I was in such a hurry I didn’t even wait for them to warm it up. Nevertheless it was quite good.

Nominom: I have a somewhat limited vision of them from this point of view as I only purchase one item from them, their pizza bread, which warm or cold is always a pleasant option for a quick bite.

Evergreen (Comm.4): The pies sold here, while not anything to write home about, are a decent enough meal once warmed up. Maybe not my first choice but you could still do a lot worse than grabbing a quick one from here.

There are a multitude of places were I have been and even more were I haven’t. Leave a comment if you’d like me to visit a place were you often go to. Also why not visit one of these places and tell me what you think?

And as always…


Cosmos out.


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