Why not Pram Beach?

Do you ever get tired of vacationing in style?

Does the constant presence of luxury often grind on your nerves?

My answer, “No, no it doesn’t”, my wallet’s answer, “YES!”

If your wallet is like mine, then I may have a place for you. Now for those living in Tema, we’ve all heard one way or the other about Prampram. Made even more well known by its numerous hotel resorts, a ridiculous number of which go belly up after the first year, Prampram is a go-to place for a day out of town.

Amidst its various resorts, perhaps the longest running is Prambeach. Located on a decent sized plot of grassy land, Prambeach doesn’t really offer much besides a place to relax and wind-down in the sea breeze. The drinks are cold and the food’s the same as any other local place, and really what else you need? For those who want to stay a night, they have a few rooms going for 80 ghana cedis a night.

Why not come on out and try it out for yourself?


Cosmos out


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