On the Go

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In recent times, I have often found myself with little time to sit down to eat a proper lunch; a problem which I am sure is shared by many of you. And of course we do what we have to do and make do with quick meals on the go. However as with everything else, we often have to shift through a lot of the subpar to find something worthwhile and I am no exception. So here are a few of the places that I have visited:

Shoprite: No matter who you are, if you live in Ghana, you’ve probably heard of the Shoprite stores. And while they do have quite the decent collection of rice and stews, our focus is on their salads and sandwiches. Packaged to facilitate easy consumption, these are God-sent to me. A personal favorite is their potato and egg salad.

Barcelos (Accra Mall): Barcelos is always a great place to go for a meal but I’d like to talk about their Accra Mall branch or more specifically the bakery also found on their premises and to be even more precise, their pies. My go-to pie, the beef and vegetable pie, never disappoints after being heated up by the ladies behind the counter. What’s your go-to pie.

Vida E Cafe: Vida E has been on my coffee to-do list for quite sometime now (but I do hope to put a check in that box soon) however I have had the pleasure of sampling two of their sandwiches. The first was chicken sandwich shared with NBJ and I have to say it was quite delicious. A bit more recently, I purchased a croissant with ham and cheese from the Junction Mall branch. I was in such a hurry I didn’t even wait for them to warm it up. Nevertheless it was quite good.

Nominom: I have a somewhat limited vision of them from this point of view as I only purchase one item from them, their pizza bread, which warm or cold is always a pleasant option for a quick bite.

Evergreen (Comm.4): The pies sold here, while not anything to write home about, are a decent enough meal once warmed up. Maybe not my first choice but you could still do a lot worse than grabbing a quick one from here.

There are a multitude of places were I have been and even more were I haven’t. Leave a comment if you’d like me to visit a place were you often go to. Also why not visit one of these places and tell me what you think?

And as always…


Cosmos out.


Hello Ghana, Hello Food

There are days when all you want is to stay in the comfort of your home and have your meals delivered to you without you moving a muscle. Days when you are so tired to cook and all you want is to have a good meal with no stress. But then you call your favourite restaurant and there is no delivery services. This is after you have been put on hold for a while so all you can do is settle for a meal close by (that you may not want) or drive all the way to pick up. This can be very frustrating.

If only there was a way for you to stay at home and have your delicious meals delivered to you  right at your doorstep? If only there was a way for you to order your meals online without going through the stress of several phone calls?

Well, there is a way and it is called HELLO FOOD. This is a Company that specializes in take-away and food delivery services. They deliver meals to you while it is still steaming hot.

All you have to do is download the app “hello food” on Google play, Apple store and Windows Phone Store, order your meals from any restaurant of your choice and your meal will be delivered to you. For those of you who still prefer using browsers rather than apps, you can visit their website  https://www.hellofood.com.gh/  to place your order.

Currently, HELLO FOOD offers delivery services to homes in Greater Accra Region and has plans of expanding to the other regions.


Why not Pram Beach?

Do you ever get tired of vacationing in style?

Does the constant presence of luxury often grind on your nerves?

My answer, “No, no it doesn’t”, my wallet’s answer, “YES!”

If your wallet is like mine, then I may have a place for you. Now for those living in Tema, we’ve all heard one way or the other about Prampram. Made even more well known by its numerous hotel resorts, a ridiculous number of which go belly up after the first year, Prampram is a go-to place for a day out of town.

Amidst its various resorts, perhaps the longest running is Prambeach. Located on a decent sized plot of grassy land, Prambeach doesn’t really offer much besides a place to relax and wind-down in the sea breeze. The drinks are cold and the food’s the same as any other local place, and really what else you need? For those who want to stay a night, they have a few rooms going for 80 ghana cedis a night.

Why not come on out and try it out for yourself?


Cosmos out

My Last Night in Togo

My heart is still in the streets of Togo

Togo is my little sanctuary where I go to unwind and leaving for Ghana always makes me very emotional. So on Monday which was my last day, I stayed in my room half of the morning thinking about the things awaiting me in Ghana. To be honest, I was not happy about it. I did not want to come back home. I have such freedom and liberty in Togo that I did not want it to end.


The morning of my last night

When I finally dragged myself out of bed, El had already made breakfast – oats with honey, fried eggs, tea, baguette with butter and jam. She works from and she was hoarding the living room so I had breakfast on the balcony which did not have a spectacular view. But still something to reflect on and that was what I did. After breakfast, I stayed in my room reading some poems on her kindle and slept a bit.


The afternoon of my last night

The last time I was in Togo, I wanted to visit the Grande Marché but most shops at the market do not open on Sundays so I was not able to visit. So during my four days in Lomé, I added it to my itinerary. I needed to get some traditional prints and souvenirs for some friends and family. I told Ellen about it and she suggested the secondhand market with was closer to us and much cheaper. I remember I visited that market in 2006 and well, I did not mind revisiting memories from the past.

I could not go with Ellen though because she had to work. I had to go to with Olivia, one of the most interesting people I met in Togo. I was excited to go with Livi but the problem was; I speak basic French and she speaks basic English so communication was going to fun as hell. I remember telling El that Livi and I will have to resort to sign language. The Airport City where we live is not far from the Market but the 600 CFA the Cab driver charged was a bit on the low for me.

The second hand market is like Ghanaian Makola Market and Cantamanto merged together but with more parking space. We all know how noisy markets are but this noise was pleasant in my ears – rawness of the Togolese French. There was a big building where traders were selling their goods. The market is really an easy place to get lost so Livi took my Togo number just in case we got lost. We spent about three hours there searching for the specific items I needed and in good quality. I bought so many items from the market and they were all new.

Unlike the Ghanaian market where you can try on clothes before buying, some traders in the market refused to let you try on clothes with were alright. We later went in search for the black soap I fell in love with from my last visit and also some sheabutter El needed. When we left the market, I had gotten many stuff yet spent so little. I said this to Livi and she told me that many people cannot afford these stuffs, they are too expensive.

And before I forget, Livi and I did not resort to sign language. We understood each other very well.


The evening of my last night

El gets out of work after 7:00 pm so we decided to have dinner afterwards. We were not in the mood to cook that evening so we decided to go get something and dine in. we however did not know what to eat. After some thoughts, we settled on some Lebanese dishes. El told me about Le Phenicien restaurant which was a 30 minute drive who makes very good Lebanese meals. So we called Ali who had been in Togo for a while and knew almost everyone there. He ordered for our meals and offered to drive us there.

Le Phenicien restaurant is beautiful – the lobby has a bakery, icecream parlour and sitting area. There is an inner room for dining. When we got there, the owner came to greet us and El passed a comment about how we will get served quickly because the owner knows Ali. And she was so right. Within 10 minutes, our food was in our hand and we were leaving the restaurant. Ali and I however feasted on some icecream and also got some croissant for breakfast the next day.

The ride back home was convincing Ali to join us for dinner which he did. We even got him to write a poem for the very first time and I must say, he is a natural. After Ali left at 10:30pm, El and I just sat there and talked about our dreams, desires, weaknesses and the fact that I should move to Togo.

That night in my bed, I told myself that maybe, I should move to Togo.