Le Lac Togo

When I saw Ellen’s photo at Lake Togo, I knew I had to visit. Lakes are not really my thing. I would choose the sea anytime but Ellen’s photo was really catchy so I added the Lake to my itinerary when I visited.

Lake Togo is on the route to Aného (a town in the southeast which was the first German capital of Togo in the 1880s). The Lake is about an hour drive from Airport City and since there is no traffic in Togo, the journey is really pleasant. We visited on a lazy Sunday afternoon and since it was already after 3:00 pm, we knew we wouldn’t stay longer like we would have liked. We asked the cab driver to wait for us. It would have been really silly to have him go all the way to Lomé and back. We were also not certain we could get a cab back home so we did not risk it.

The hotel we chose at Lake Togo is called O Lodge Africa. It is something like a water / amusement park which was built with children in mind. It has activities that can be undertaken with children as well as adults. At the gate, we were asked to pay 5,000 cfa each to enable us have access to the swimming pools in the hotel. It seemed a bit pricey to me but after converting the money to Cedi, I realized it was alright. But then the question at the back of my mind was what if I do not want to get in the pool? Then it would mean I paid 5,000 cfa to go inside a hotel which is supposed to be a public place.

The hotel has been divided into three sections with bamboo walls separating each section; an open dining area; hotel rooms and a sitting area on the lake.

The first section has waterslides with two swimming pools and a playground. One of the pools is in the form of a tub and it is very shallow – just right for children.

The second one has a pool, sitting area with carpet grass, a bathroom behind it and dining area right opposite it. I realized the young adults preferred this area.

The third section has a pool right infront of the hotel rooms; close to the Lake and has a picturesque view so that was where we sat watching those on the boat rides and admiring nature.  

Activities at the hotel

  • Boat rides
  • Swimming
  • Horseback rides

After a swim, we moved to the sitting area on the lake and ordered nems poulet as entrée and then followed with ham and cheese sandwich with pickles. Our bill was only 12, 250 cfa for such a delicious meal.

Our cab driver who waited for us for more than two hours charged us 10, 000 cfa which I find shocking up to today.





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