Into the Wild

They say “it is not about the destination, it is all about the journey”. I do agree but when it comes to Mole National Park and Motel, I will say it is about both the journey and the destination. The Mole National Park is the largest wildlife reserve in Ghana found on a savannah woodland ecosystem. It is situated at the township of Damongo in the northern region. This park is filled with different species of wildlife which includes amphibians, antelopes, baboons, birds, buffalos, elephants, hyenas, kobs, leopards, lions, monkeys, reptiles and warthog.

The journey to the North is long and stressful by road, but the memorable sights along the way will make up for the stress. So I recommend you travel by road and return home by air. This was how my friend Konstantinos travelled to Mole Park last month. Though he had many complaints about the journey, the car and Mole motel, he had so many beautiful things to say about the tourist sights he visited. He would however have wished to stay at the luxurious Zaina Lodge if he had known about it earlier.

On their way to the Mole Park, they visited the Boabeng–Fiema Monkey Sanctuary at Nkoranza and the Kintampo waterfalls which was breathtaking. At their destination, they took a tour through the township of Damongo, visited the Larabanga Mosque which is the oldest in Ghana and a safari tour / adventure at the Mole National Park.

I will pause here now and show you breathtaking photos taken by Konstantinos. Someone tell the man he should be a photographer.


4 thoughts on “Into the Wild

  1. Ghana has such breathtaking locations…its such a shame I have to be reminded of it when someone (like you) writes about it.
    Chalk it up to ignorance or the incompetent people in Government (tourism).

    Nice pictures!



    1. I will somewhat blame the Ministry of Tourism for not promoting the Country’s beauty. I will also blame the economy for making it so hard for citizens to enjoy this since many cannot afford or are so busy working they have no time. I will also blame our ignorance. We will rather travel to a different land than explore ours.

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