The Restaurant of Lights


For all the birthday enthusiasts, I think you should consider Coco Lounge (the restaurant of lights) for your next birthday party. It will take a dent in your purse / wallet but trust me, the feeling is exceptional.

On my birthday this year, my boss had arranged a dinner at the restaurant of lights on the same day so she suggested we turn the dinner into a birthday celebration which was just fine by me.  The birthday party was made up of Ms. Vivienne, Ms. Susan, Mr. Adamantios, Jessie and Konstantinos.

I had been to the restaurant the year before and knew how classy it is so I glammed up for the celebration. Upon arrival, we were showed to our table by the very friendly waiters. Service is totally on point at this place. The entire place was packed as usual and there was faint music and chatter everywhere. A waiter was assigned to us and he assisted us in selecting the best champagne and meals. I had vegetarian lasagna which was so delicious. I would have rather loved some burrito though but the Mexican dish is served only on Thursdays.

After the meal, that was when the surprise came – an amazing show for birthday celebrations. To know what this is all about, have your birthday party there. Trust me, it is mindblowing!!!! Watch the video here

There was a mix up in the cake though because I ordered a chocolate cake and I was given a vanilla. They however packaged my chocolate cake which was the heaviest cake I have ever held and it was made with real chocolate. Thinking about it will give me a chocogasm.

We later took the party upstairs to Urban Grill where we had some drinks and called it a night. We left the restaurant after midnight.

That was one of the best nights of my life!





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