Away on the Lakeside: The Swanky Royal Senchi



First rule to being a wanderlust is to learn to invite yourself at all times. If you find out a friend or colleague is travelling to a place you have never been before, ask them if you can join. It does not matter if you are the third wheel. Just go with them. This is how I ended up at the Royal Senchi.

The journey to the hotel is just 60km from the Tema Motorway Roundabout and eventful – at the Shai Hills, we had to park the car to permit a few baboons cross the road, which was interesting. The location of the hotel is easy to find – thanks to the many signboards on the road offering direction.

 I have heard so much about this place and this fueled my expectations. Upon arrival, I immediately set out to check out for the kind of service we will be getting. I found out that the reception we received at the gate by the security persons was a glean of what was on offer. They were professional and helpful.




Royal Senchi is a very beautiful place. Their type of building structure, furnishings, lighting system was exquisite. The friend I was with was more interested in the architecture which led me to exploring the place with my architectural eye (I have to say). The reception area- was very forthcoming with the little African shop- leads to a lobby, restaurant, bar and the swimming pool. I knew I was going to spend most of the time at the pool so we decided to survey the place. The Hotel is also family friendly with a playground for children with really cute rabbits which will warm the hearts of any child.

After the survey, we decided to find something to eat but had to wait for the buffet which was at 12pm. We ordered for juice which ranges from 7 Cedis upwards. The waitress was kind enough to add some bread and butter to satiate our hunger a little. After our drinks, we decided to go on a boat ride which ranges from 40 cedis (kayak) upwards. I don’t really trust water so I chose to go on the harris which takes a minimum of 4 people.


Lunch was laid out at the restaurant with the menu just outside the sitting area. The waitresses were very helpful. Buffet, depending on the menu, ranges from 50 cedis per head. The meals were on point, the fresh juice was divine.

Went on the harris boat which was a 30 minutes ride. The attendant served as a tour guide and showed us the islands around including the happy village- the dwelling place of one family.

Though there are not many activities at Senchi, the relaxing atmosphere just warms you, leaving you wishing to laze around and pamper yourself. And I think that is what the place is made for. General Manager – Mr. Alex was on hand to interact with guests; a very impressive gesture.

Many people complained about how the hotel is costly but this was not the case if you are not there to spend the day and night.

Prices of items are subject to change. 
I visited the hotel on 24th December 2015.




2 thoughts on “Away on the Lakeside: The Swanky Royal Senchi

  1. I’ve been here a few times, right from when the construction started till when the place was operational, and i loved it. The scenery is relaxing and the food is really good.
    Some day i hope i can spend some nights there without having my mind constantly on my account

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